If You Don't Start Using AI Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

If You Don’t Start Using AI Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

How good would it be if you had a writer who never took any time off, who never complained about working late nights or weekends, and who was cheaper than others?

Well, there is an employee exactly like that. Their name is called artificial intelligence (AI). 

It’s no secret that the world is changing faster than ever before. New technology is being released at a staggering rate, and it can be overwhelming to keep up with how these changes will affect your marketing strategies in the future. 

AI is one of the most important technologies marketers should start incorporating into their strategy now because all signs point towards AI becoming more and more necessary for successful digital marketing campaigns as we move forward. 

Why Your Writers Shouldn’t be so Afraid of AI

One of the most innovative tools being used in marketing today is artificial intelligence writing software. This technology has already proven to be invaluable for content marketers who are struggling with producing more content at a fast pace without sacrificing quality, and that’s just the beginning of what this technology can do.

The software works by using algorithms to scour the internet, databases, and other information sources for related content. It then uses that data to create incredibly accurate content that fits within your brand’s voice and style guidelines. 

Whether you’re looking for blog posts, white papers, ebooks, or landing page copy, AI writing software can be used in almost any marketing or business setting.

So why would anyone be against using such an innovative and helpful tool in their marketing strategy? Because they’re afraid.

Some people are afraid of change even when the new changes represent a whole lot of positive progress. But if you want to succeed in this ever-changing digital landscape, it is absolutely vital that you embrace these changes.

If your writers are resisting using AI software right now, they might be fearing the following:

1. Losing their jobs to robots

2. That their jobs will become obsolete as the industry moves forward without them

3. Being replaced by a robot because they’re not as intelligent as the technology

4. Not understanding how to write with this software and losing clients or their jobs because of it

Many writers believe that this type of technology is out to replace them, and in some cases, they’re right. But the reality is that this technology can’t do everything. 

It doesn’t have the creativity to create truly unique content, it isn’t equipped with the emotional intelligence needed to connect with your target audience, and most importantly, it doesn’t know you or your brand yet.

But if you start using AI now, you’ll be making stronger connections with clients, your job will become easier, and you’ll be better equipped to handle the changes AI is bringing to the marketing space.

Use the Technology to Update Old Content

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One of the most exciting uses of this software is to update older content. It can be overwhelming to maintain a large website full of fresh, unique content every day. But with the help of AI technology, you’ll have a never-ending stream of articles at your fingertips whether you’re looking for blog posts or white papers. 

And since it’s already been proven that updating older content is a great way to improve SEO, this holds especially true if you’re using AI technology.

Having this kind of application at your fingertips to update older content can be extremely beneficial because it will allow you to revamp your website at a much faster pace, so you’ll always have relevant, up-to-date information for your readers. 

Additionally, updating older content is a great way to keep visitors coming back to your site regularly without having to find new, completely original pages to publish. This will also help you maintain a better Google ranking because of the additional content that is continually being added to your site.

How AI can Benefit Your Business

As the demand for content increases, so does your team’s workload. Your writers may not be able to keep up with making all of this great information fast enough! This means your business or side hustle will become limited by the number of extra hours your can outsource. 

By adding AI writing tools into the mix it’ll save you both time and money while also increasing productivity over what it used to be without them, which means that everyone wins. 

  1. Saves you time

This is one thing we all want more of but struggle to make more of it. A yearly study from Orbit Media has revealed that blog posts are now getting longer with the average being around 1,400 words. 

That’s a 40% increase in the number of words being written per post in just five short years. It also means that bloggers are spending more time (around 4hrs in 2021) writing posts. 

So how much better can AI be? 

Well, I have been able to generate entire 1,500 worded blog posts in about 2 to 3 hours depending on the research required. So according to the study, if I’m saving 1-2hrs per post and I write one post per week, that’s a saving of over 100 hours! 

You need to remember though that AI is not meant to write an entire article for you. It’s there to stop you from staring at a blank screen with just a blinking cursor. It is then the writer’s job to go through (and fact check!) the post so that it flows better and with emotion. 

  1. Saves you money

It’s a lot cheaper to hire an employee that doesn’t require medical insurance, vacation pay, or any other type of compensation. This will allow you to spend more on things that actually affect the growth of your company, such as investing in new technology and developing new products.

  1. Great for non-native English speakers

Most of the AI tools that are currently available allow you to write without putting too much thought into grammatical rules or sentence structure. You can literally type as you would onto a Word document and let the software do everything else. 

This is especially helpful if English isn’t your first language, as it will allow you to focus more on what you’re writing and what you want to get across instead of trying to form sentences the “proper” way.

  1. Integrates with other technology for more enhanced customer service

Since chatbots are all the rage right now, why not integrate chatbot technology with your AI writing software? You know that spiel you give to people when they ask how chatbots are different from virtual assistants? Well, chatbots are basically automated assistants that use artificial intelligence to answer questions. 

While chatbots have been around for a few years now, their capabilities will continue to improve as AI software also becomes more advanced.

Final Thoughts

You’ve probably heard the saying “time is money”, in the case of digital marketing the struggle is real with trying to compete with the millions of other blog posts being published daily. 

However, AI is not perfect. There’s still a lot of things it can’t do such as creating human emotion and context. It may also struggle at times to give you a proper sentence structure or paragraph. This can be very frustrating and actually waste time as you keep refreshing the content to try and find the perfect output.  

So humans must still be very much involved. If you treat it like an assistant rather than a writer replacement then your output will be much more productive. 

The fact that digital marketing is moving fast, means that if you don’t at least start using AI now and seeing the benefits it provides to your business, you’ll hate yourself later. 

Author Bio:

Chris Bournelis is a blogger and entrepreneur. He has been working in online business since 2015 and is passionate about leveraging the right partnerships, content, and software for maximum growth. Join him here at ChrisBournelis.com for the best SaaS reviews and how to build your blog like a business.

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