How You Can Properly Revamp Your Site for Today’s Consumers: Your Absolute Guide

How You Can Properly Revamp Your Site for Today’s Consumers: Your Absolute Guide

Having a website is just the tip of the iceberg. Website development and design experts will constantly tell you how vital it is to ensure that your website fits your visitors’ expectations every time. Web users are a lot pickier nowadays, and they know what’s what – which means if they arrive at your website and it doesn’t fulfil their needs, they could very well turn to your competitors, resulting in lost opportunities and lost revenue. But most times, all it takes is a website revamp – and your website can well benefit from one if you have been noticing a lower conversion rate and a higher bounce rate in recent days. But how can you properly revamp your site for today’s consumers? Here’s your absolute guide. 

  • Know – and take advantage of – the real value of analytics and SEO 

Most business owners will already be familiar with analytics and SEO. It’s been around for years, after all. But there is still a lot of emphasis on this, for the simple reason that it works. For example, did you know that organic and paid search constitute almost 70 per cent of most business enterprises’ site traffic? But most business sites are still not set up even for standard SEO! The good news is that you can do something about this by taking simple but significant steps, such as entering title tags, meta tags, practical and common sense keywords, and alt tags so people can more easily find your website when they perform a search. 

  • Take measures to update your site security 

Another problem that has plagued numerous websites in the past is website security, and this is something that experts in website design and development, such as Expre Digital Ltd, can attest to. Unfortunately, 2020 alone had a whole lot of cyber attacks, so if you don’t want your website to fall victim to one, it may be the best time to invest in better and more robust security solutions. You can, for example, stay as vigilant as possible by making sure to update your software on a regular basis and making sure it is managed well. You can also do a proper site analysis and tell your staff about suitable cybersecurity measures. 

  • Invest in site marketing automation 

Most of us may be surprised to learn this, but consumers will respond to a special offer. This is precisely the reason why words like ‘free’ and ‘sale’ are still widely used to motivate consumers to make a purchase or do a transaction. But truth be told, do you have time to send emails continuously so you can remind consumers to make a purchase or even visit your site? Fortunately, you can invest in site marketing automation technology such as Constant Contact, HubSpot, and Mail Chimp, which can send those emails out for you. You even have the option to set up the technology to automate various processes like re-buying and requesting reviews. 

Of course, you shouldn’t neglect the usual upgrades as well, such as analysing your site navigation and making sure your site is more user-friendly. Having a mobile-friendly and responsive website is already a necessity. Check your site’s functionality and the tech you use to run it, and ensure that this is up-to-date as well. 

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