How To Write a Brief For An App Developer?

How To Write a Brief For An App Developer?

Small businesses frequently do not have the luxury of time or money, much less capital that would allow them to wait for official approval before moving forward with projects. 

This can result in small business owners taking risks and foregoing proper protocol in order to be more efficient and move their ideas along faster. Because of this mindset, many small business owners find themselves in need of an app developer at some point during the development process.

While hiring an app developer may seem like a way out of your current predicament, you will need to prepare a brief for the app developer that you hire.

The word brief is used to define an overview or summary of something, like a story or situation.

A good brief serves two purposes:

  1. First, it tells your developer precisely what you want them to make for you. 
  2. It helps keep your idea from wandering out of control over the course of development.

Follow some simple instructions and guidelines while writing a mobile app development brief, and sit back as professionals do their magic with your concept.

How To Write a Brief For An App Developer

  1. Try to keep your brief short and sweet

A written brief can be considered an abstract of your needs and intended goals. However, when preparing a brief for an app developer, you should remember that they are not familiar with your business, processes, or technology, nor do they know which app will ease their workload or decrease costs associated with other options. 

Therefore, you need to allow them to see your vision as clearly as possible so that they can create an application to suit your needs. It’s impossible for any developer to accurately judge how many hours it will take him/her to finish the app unless they know exactly what you want them to build.

  1. Talk about revenue

If you plan on making money off your finished product, make sure you specifically outline the benefits you hope to get. A good mobile application developer will do their best to cater to your project in such a way that it maximizes revenue, so make sure you tell them what you want.

  1. List Your Concerns

You should also make sure that you acknowledge any potential issues or challenges with making your idea a reality. Even if there are costs or other problems that might arise, this information is useful to have so that developers can work around issues and create possible solutions along the way.

  1. Eliminate Room For Misunderstandings

As you write out the details of what you want to be developed in this new application and mobile app design, consider how it will integrate into your existing systems and how users will interact with it. You can even consider drafting out use scenarios for the app, which are short descriptions of how the application would be used in different situations. 

This part of your brief is particularly important to get right before beginning mobile app development because it will allow the mobile app design developer to know exactly what function they are creating while ensuring that they leave no room for error or misunderstanding.