How to Use SEO and CRO to Boost Your Lead Gen Strategy

How to Use SEO and CRO to Boost Your Lead Gen Strategy

It’s only natural that CRO and SEO, two of the most critical parts of a successful digital strategy, should work together, right?

Theoretically, conversion optimization seeks to enhance the user experience (UX), which Google considers when determining search rankings. Thus, the more you test and improve your website, the higher it will rank.

And with more visitors from better sites and search results, the more money you’ll make!

Although this sounds wonderful, the ultimate measure of how effectively CRO and SEO work together is in the implementation (and how you enhance your website).

Search engines and customers alike benefit from CRO and SEO, and if done correctly, they operate as a team to make your business a success.

Simplify Things

When marketing processes are too convoluted, the chances of failure are high. This holds for CRO and SEO as well. The more friction or static your content generates, the lower your chances of success.

Keeping things simple is the surest way to ensure the effective functioning of CRO and SRO.

Don’t know where to start? Consider these:

  • Moderate the Links: Reducing the number of links on every page enhances SEO since it ascribes more value to the corresponding pages. It also increases your conversion rate by minimizing distractions and grouping key options together.
  • Have a Clearly Defined Objective: Clarify your purpose by removing “fluff” content and imagery and adding clear calls to action or a landing page with an informative title to enlighten visitors better.
  • Tell More: Provide more brief information and match it with reviews to make your business humane.
  • Streamline Your Site’s Navigation: Eliminate extra content from your navigation menus significantly if it doesn’t add value or contribute to your aim of converting users. Doing so will make it easy for site visitors to navigate. It will also help search engines crawl and index your site easily.

Remember always to simplify your website contextually and graphically and reduce your content to bare bones.

Boost Page Load Time

Google reports that 53 percent of mobile consumers abandon sites that require more than three seconds to load! In fact, according to a research conducted by Amazon in 2012, a one-second delay in page load time could cost the company $1.6 billion annually in sales (this figure could be higher in the present decade)

And thus, what does this imply for you? Well then, you must incorporate speed into your SEO and CRO strategy!

It is even more disheartening since slow sites have poor engagement, and search engines penalize them, pushing you to lower the rankings. Therefore, regularly conduct website maintenance to detect issues and mistakes. Do this to encourage consistent traffic growth and strengthen your Google rankings.

Come Up with Relevant Content

Many marketers will testify that creating relevant content is the most successful SEO approach. It’s virtually a “marketing 10-commandment.”

The big question is; how can you make relevant content?

Ensure that the meta title in the search engine results pages (SERPs) corresponds to the headline on your primary entry pages. Include a keyword focus and your brand’s distinctive selling proposition. This will maximize the impact of SEO and CRO combined.

Be Vibrant and Engaging

Like social media, exceedingly engaging and vibrant website content engages your visitors more and enhances their likelihood of lingering around. It has also been demonstrated that websites with higher engagement rank higher in Google, especially in recent upgrades.

Engaging content is not only limited to clever advertising content, landing page text, or blog articles; it can include an eBook or a guide. All these are fantastic methods of attracting potential clients to your website!

Have Social Proof

Social proof endorsements and reviews are the new black since they carry great importance with search engines and, more significantly, with visitors. Also, they may help you establish your reputation and authority.

There is evidence that reviews impact mobile, local, and Google Maps searches. To achieve the most remarkable outcomes, collecting and prominently displaying compelling client testimonials on your homepage and product/service pages is essential.

Start Today

Implementing them is the only sure way to know whether combining CRO and SEO will serve your business needs. And so, implement them today. If that sounds like a hustle, hire actual website experts to get you started.