How To Use AI Writing Tools Effectively For Marketers

How To Use AI Writing Tools Effectively For Marketers

Deloitte’s research shows that 73% of AI adopters believe AI is deemed very important to their business today. Digital marketers need to use a lot of digital marketing tools in order to drive brand awareness and growth. Almost all marketers claim that content has been an important part of their overall marketing strategy.

On top of using AI in a lot of SEO efforts, AI writing tools are becoming more and more popular among marketers. The ability to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently is a huge value-add for any business. In this blog post, I want to highlight a few specific ways that AI writing tools can help marketers create more value in their work.

1. Avoid Writer’s Block 

AI writing tools can help you generate ideas and content when you’re feeling stuck. 

If you’ve ever been tasked with writing something and found yourself struggling to come up with ideas, you know how frustrating it can be. However, marketers need to meet deadlines for campaigns and new products. AI writing tools can help break through that writer’s block by providing a fresh perspective and new ideas.

Many AI writing softwares can take a prompt or topic and generate an entire piece of original content based on it. This can be a great way to jumpstart your own writing process and get the creative juices flowing.

There are a few AI writing tools that can help marketers avoid writer’s block through idea generation features. Of course, you should explore different ways to come up with article ideas too.

2. Create An Outline Quickly

AI writing tools can also help you create an outline for your content more quickly and easily. This can be a huge time-saver, especially if you’re working on longer pieces like guides.

Again, many tools can be used to generate an outline for your content. Just input your topic or prompt and let the AI tool do its thing. You’ll end up with a well-organized list of ideas that you can then use to start writing your piece.

If you prefer a visual representation of your content’s structure, mind mapping tools may help. Some AI tools, like MindMeister,  can take your inputted text and create a mind map based on it. This can give you a helpful overview of your content and how all the different pieces fit together.

3. Create Clear Instructions

AI writing tools can also be used to create clear and concise instructions for your team or audience. This is especially helpful if you’re working on something complex that requires a lot of steps.

No one likes feeling lost or confused when they’re trying to follow directions, so making sure your instructions are as clear as possible is crucial. AI step-by-step guide creating tools, like StepShot, can help with this by taking your inputted text and turning it into step-by-step instructions with accompanying screenshots. These tutorials can be useful to your teams internally and your customers externally. 

This can be a lifesaver for both you and your team, and will ensure that everyone is on the same page (literally). Your customers will also love you for that. 

4. Always Start From Research

Market research is always part of the job of a marketer. Don’t forget that research is also a key step when you try creating content. AI writing tools can help with the research stage of content creation, too. If you need to gather data or find sources for your piece, try using a tool like BuzzSumo or Google Scholar.

Both of these AI tools will help you quickly find the information you need so that you can get started on writing sooner.

AI writing research tools can be a huge asset for marketers, and can help them create more value in their work. So if you’re not already using AI writing tools, I highly recommend giving them a try. You might just be surprised at how much they can help!

5. Proofread

Humans make mistakes, so does AI. It is crucial to proofread your content before you publish it. Proofreading tools, like Grammarly, can catch any errors or typos. Of course you as the writer, should do the gate-keeping. Another element of proofreading is to check whether the contents created by the AI are up to date. While AI tools will be able to crawl a lot of data online, they may not be able to know the really latest trend in the space that you are working on. So use your human to check if there is anything not logical. 

Grammarly is an AI tool that checks your writing for grammatical errors and provides suggestions for how to fix them. This can be a huge help in ensuring that your final piece is error-free and polished.

6. Don’t Forget Your Audience

AI writing tools can create content that’s both informative and engaging. But it’s important to remember that your readers are human, too. So while AI writing tools can be a great asset, don’t forget to infuse your own voice and personality into your work. After all, that’s what makes your content stand out from the rest. You have to imagine what image you want to project for your readers. Every copy is meant to have a target audience. You need to bear in mind that this is the intent of the marketing content from the very beginning. This is not the AI can help (at least for the moment). 

What Are AI Writing Tools?

The greatest AI writing tools make it simple and quick to produce material for your blog, website, or social media accounts.

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you’re trying to build – if you want it to flourish, there’s no substitute for good textual content. And if you don’t have the time, money, or language skills to create it yourself, an AI writing tool can save you a lot of trouble.

The finest writing tools make it simple to produce automated material, whether it’s blog posts, articles, or advertising. And, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, writing applications have never been more effective at producing high-quality text in a wide range of formats and themes.

There are several benefits to using one of the best AI writing tools to generate content. For starters, you’ll save time and money, and yet you’ll still deliver excellent material for your blog or website. Human involvement may extend to some editing before you upload, particularly if you need to create niche or specialized content, but that’s about it.

Wrap Up

AI writing tools offer a lot of benefits to marketers, from helping with writer’s block to creating outlines faster. If you’re not already using AI writing tools, I highly recommend giving them a try. Your content will thank you for it! Thanks for reading! 

I hope this blog post was helpful in showing some of the ways AI writing tools can be used to create more value in marketing work. 

Author Bio

Alan S Lui is a marketing and CRM expert. He was previously Chief Marketing Officer of Fusion Bank, a digital bank Alan launched in Hong Kong. Before that he was Chief Operating Officer of Asia Miles, Asia’s leading loyalty program with 12 million members. You can find more of his insights on and connect with him on LinkedIn

He is currently Director Strategy and Transformation, i-CABLE Communications Group, listed in Hong Kong.