How to Tweet like an Entrepreneur

We’ve all sat there and wondered how to tackle the world of Twitter. Some of those questions were likely along the lines of how much should I tweet? Am I tweeting too much? What time should I tweet to get the most engagement? If you’ve ever been curious on how tech giants like Elon Musk and Jeff Benzos compare on Twitter, this article will answer all of the above.

We collected data on successful entrepreneurs to give you the methodology to win at Twitter. Starting out as an entrepreneur at any time in your life can be daunting, so learn from these top entrepreneur Twitter traits.

Your Twitter activity may be slightly different to Elon Musk’s of course, but who doesn’t want to know the logic behind his Twitter presence?

What’s the Difference Between their Twitter Activity?

If you don’t follow Elon Musk on Twitter, then you should know that he’s very active and often puts out content that is different to the average user. Jeff Bezos isn’t as active as Elon Musk with 0.1 tweets per day and he also never favourites anything. Jeff’s twitter activity is the polar opposite to Elon Musk’s. Jeff only replies 0.9% of the time and 93% of his posts are his own content. Maybe Jeff doesn’t like anyone else’s Twitter content?

Bill Gates Twitter activity is fairly low with only 0.8 tweets per day and no favourites. Just like Jeff, Bill prefers to push his own content out there, rather than reply to his mentions. 

The main difference between the main three tech giants is Bill’s uses of hashtags. Jeff and Elon use hashtags to promote their businesses, but Bill on the other hand, uses hashtags that are mainly aimed at charitable causes.

You might be thinking what about the British business industry? well, Lord Sugar sends out a staggering 14.8 tweets a day on average. His replies are near nonexistent, but he will sometimes retweet now and then. 

Believe it or not, Deborah posts even more tweets a day than Alan Sugar with an average of 15.2. She has a healthy share of retweets and tweets and she doesn’t appear to like replying to users much. However, unlike many on the list Debroah does use the favourite feature and uses this 8.1 times per day on average. 

There was one prominent common ground between all entrepreneurs across different sectors. They prefer to push out their own content to their following, rather than engage with them or retweet. This method could be seen as a more time-conscious way to use Twitter. 

There was also a prominent commonality of using photos as their primary media type. Images are definitely a way to stand out within a Twitter feed when competing for engagement. Maybe a picture really does say a thousand words after all?

What do they talk about?

The main shared terminology used was positive and engaging. These include words such as happy, hope, energy, love, fun, live & excited.

Terminology that you’d expect from entrepreneurs such as money, power, job, plan, task and deal were used far less frequently than the positive terms. The entrepreneurs within the list weren’t just talk of themselves either. The words team and support were frequently mentioned throughout all of them. It’s clear that it’s better to share positivity as a successful entrepreneur in 2020.

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