How To Start A Food Blog: First Steps To Succeed

How To Start A Food Blog: First Steps To Succeed

If you are passionate about new recipes, cooking and baking, sharing a variety of flavors with the world, then starting your food blog will be a good idea. 

There are many interesting and tasty topics to talk about in your food blog. You can introduce new recipes and teach people how to cook them; you can do recipe reviews and cook at a specific time and try international cuisine. So it will always be fresh and fascinating. But, before starting your blog, you need to follow some important steps to succeed in the future.

Do research and find your own style

Being unique in your job will differentiate you from others because there are a lot of food blogs. But it will be good for your blog’s future to have something new to say which will be fresh, and even one specific thing typical to only your blog will be remembered in a short period. 

To reach that, first of all, you need to do market research to see what food blogs are there and what content they are introducing to their audience. There are many types of food blogs: healthy blogs, recipe blogs, travel food blogs, etc. After research, you will know much about food blogs, and also, choosing your own style will be easier. 

Choose your blogging platform 

Before setting up your blog, you need to properly choose the social media platform that your food blog will have an activity in. Choosing the right platform will be comfortable and suitable for your audience, so the engagements promise to be very pleasing. Do not hurry to create accounts in every social media platform that exists; maybe one of them is not suitable for your blog’s audience. 

Social media marketing agencies can help you with creating the social media strategy in case you aren’t that social-savvy yourself. You also need a properly measured content plan for your food blog that will help you to have an up-to-date blog with trendy posts and stories, so you can meet the desired goals very soon. 

Start creating content

The main part and the important part of blogs is the content. While creating content, you need to remember that it must be very simple to read or fast to watch. Today people don’t have enough time or don’t want to spend much time reading a dish recipe, so make it short and attractive. Use catchy blog titles and original introduction parts to not miss a reader’s attention. 

People also want to learn from blogs, so besides making beautiful content, also make it useful. Don’t write catchy intros about how you grew up near the sea, and this resulted in your love of seafood if your goal is to share a salad recipe with crab sticks. Most working people don’t have enough time to cook, so preparing salad will be a perfect choice. 

Healthy Food

In the world of tasty food and dozens of recipes, never miss an opportunity to introduce your audience to a healthy food that can also be very tasty. The beautiful packaging with photos and videos, healthy eating can become a habit for your audience. So creating healthcare content for your audience can help you improve user acquisition of your blog and also keep the health of your readers. 


Here are some general  and technical steps to start your food blog, but remember that in every job the most important part is to love what you do, so first of all you must be very excited about cooking and eating as well.