How to Sell More as an Affiliate – 10 Practical Tips

How to Sell More as an Affiliate – 10 Practical Tips

This is the question asked by most affiliates, especially beginners who seek in Digital Marketing the opportunity to create their profitable businesses and achieve the long-awaited financial freedom. But for all this to happen consistently it is necessary to use strategies that really work.

And it was with this in mind that I decided to take the time to write this article and share with you the best practical tips that will boost your business. So if you really want to learn how to sell as an affiliate and stand out from your competition, you must read this article. Follow me through the next few paragraphs.

1 – Specialize in a Niche (or Micro Niche)

If you’ve done research on how to sell on Hotmart as an affiliate, you may have quickly noticed that there are hundreds of products available to be promoted in different categories. As tempting as it may be, it is not recommended to go out promoting, almost automatically, every product you find.

One of the best ways to sell as an affiliate and grow quickly in this market is to become an expert. Look for a topic you like and master and dig deeper into it. Then choose the (or) related infoproducts for you to promote. This way you will feel more secure and will pass on greater trust and credibility with your audience.

2 – Choose Potentially Sellable Products

Anyone who wants to work as an affiliate must master this tip that I have to share with you, as it is one of the most basic when it comes to Internet Marketing. Many entrepreneurs, regardless of how long they work with Digital Marketing, usually choose the products… for the commission they will receive for each sale made.

This is also tempting, but care must be taken when analyzing a product, as there is no point in finding a high commission for a product that will sell for a much higher price. Prefer products with medium ticket value and easy acceptance, so you’ll have more chances to sell quickly.

3 – Make Online Broadcasts on Social Media

This is a tip on how to sell as an affiliate simple, free and with the possibility of high returns. It is about making live broadcasts through social networks. Both Facebook, Instagram and Twitter already provide this feature. Not to mention broadcast applications such as Periscope and Bigo Live, which are completely free.

Create a broadcast schedule and share it with your audience. It’s important to maintain regularity. Don’t forget to add your affiliate link in the description and comments fields so that interested people can click and purchase the promoted product.

4 – Use WhatsApp

It is a fact that WhatsApp is today one of the instant communicators most used by the vast majority of people. And that’s why it’s an excellent tool for anyone looking for new ways to earn money working on the internet.

You’ve probably seen several companies exploring this possibility. And basically it works like this: through free pre-registration. How is this possible? You can create registration forms optionally requesting the person’s WhatsApp number, or even messages in PUSH notification format so that they can receive their contents by providing the WhatsApp number.

In short, these are some of the possibilities most used by several companies that strengthen their direct contact with the target audience and thus send offers, promotions or the insertion of new content/product on their website or blog. So if you hadn’t thought about this possibility of how to sell as an affiliate, you should consider and explore it, because it’s really worth it.

5 – Deliver Bonuses to Your Audience

Freebies, bonuses… These are some of the magic words that 10 out of 10 people like to read or listen to. In Digital Marketing they have become a constant and serve as a very effective strategy for those looking for ways to sell more as an affiliate.

Have you ever noticed that, in Internet Marketing, there is no product, course or service launch without added bonuses? They have become practically mandatory items and anyone who has realized this and takes the opportunity to “surf this wave” tends to do very well.

But you might be asking yourself: “I’m not an infoproducer and therefore I don’t have any products created and released by me. So how can I use this strategy to sell more?”. It’s quite simple. Just do what many affiliates do.

Offer your own bonuses to anyone buying the product you are promoting through your affiliate link. In this way, the possibilities of how to sell fast on Hotmart are enhanced.

6 – Create a Closed Group (both on Facebook and WhatsApp and/or Telegram)

Another powerful strategy on how to make money with Digital Marketing is to create a closed group on some social network such as Facebook with the participation of your target audience.

Many affiliates use this tip to strengthen contact with their audiences and thus share exclusive content, so that members of these groups feel privileged to participate and have the opportunity to enjoy knowledge, tips and techniques that are not openly passed on to the majority.

In addition to the secret or closed group on Facebook, you can also explore this idea by creating an exclusive group in the main instant communicators, that is, WhatsApp and/or Telegram. In these communicators you can publicize from the most recent publication on your website or blog as well as the launch of a new infoproduct with your affiliate link.

7 – Make Webinars

If you have a tip that is excellent for those who want to learn how to sell as an affiliate, it’s the webinars. It is a transmission, or better, a videoconference that is made through a platform completely online for several people connected. Of course, to participate, people need to register so that they can log in, monitor and interact.

It’s an excellent opportunity for people to get to know your work better, while you share some news, technique or even a new product that might be of interest to your audience.

To make a webinar, just define the topic you want to present to your audience, prepare a simple script, as well as images, photos, graphics, infographics or any other type of material that better illustrates what you want to show and choose a platform on which will transmit.

Some options are as follows: Google Hangouts , GoToMeeting , GoToWebinar , WeBex , Twitch and WebinarJam . And how do you spread it to your audience? Through your blog, social networks and E-mail Marketing.

8 – Use Mental Triggers

You’ve probably heard – at least once – talk about them, haven’t you? Mental triggers are nothing more than true triggers of certain brain regions that arouse attention and make a person take a quick decision.

Mental triggers are often used in strategies related to how to sell as an affiliate, as they facilitate and “influence” people’s decision to carry out certain actions. There are several triggers, but the main ones are as follows:

  • Scarcity (Generally related to value. The rarer something is, the more valuable it will be considered)
  • Urgency (Incites you to make an unconsciously quick decision not to miss the opportunity)
  • New (What is being presented ends up generating curiosity for being unpublished)
  • Social Proof (What makes people buy and/or use certain products and services. Numbers or statistical data are used to strengthen the arguments)
  • Authority (You know that maxim: “who can, rule; and whoever has judgment obeys”? That’s right there. Positioning yourself firmly generates trust on the part of your audience that will consider and respect you)
  • Reciprocity (A natural act generates the receipt of a reward. In the case of Affiliate Marketing, you offer knowledge through a post and ask for a like, comment, share or subscription to something in return)
  • Because (Natural questions carried out to better understand how things work. It is necessary to obtain rational answers so that actions can be justified: “purchase a certain product because it offers/solves something…”)

These are some examples, but there are several others. Of course, if you want to get to know them, just sign up on my VIP list (well, I just unknowingly showed you how to use one of these triggers…).

9 – Use the Best Words (but no exaggerations)

Language is one of the main elements in any mode of communication between people and Affiliate Marketing is no different. It is necessary to know how to use it well to be able to make sales.

However, when it comes to using the best words, there are those who end up misinterpreting sentences like this. The best words are not synonymous with exaggeration, that is, it is necessary to insert those that are suitable within each context.

To get an idea, I once came across a post on a blog dedicated to Digital Marketing in which it was said to perform a certain task and receive, in return, “tons” of subscribers. Well, that in itself implies exaggeration.

It would be much better – and it would give a better impression – if you changed the words so that the meaning and objective were maintained in order to obtain the desired result, for example, “do x thing and soon you will start receiving dozens of subscribers, and increasingly”. In other words, the correct use of words enables consistency and builds trust on the part of the audience. The exaggeration sounds like something false and, at the same time, forced. Think about it!

10 – Invest in the Segmentation of your Target Audience

If there is one decisive thing about how to sell as an affiliate, it is precisely about the segmentation of campaigns. And segmentation is nothing more than filtering, selecting a portion and/or group of people you want to reach.

As much as you want to sell to the greatest number of people, it is important to remember that what really works is selling to people who are really interested in your product. And how to do this?

Well, first you need to know the product you want to promote. For example, if you intend to promote a Pot Cake course, you must direct it exactly to the corresponding audience, that is, the one with the profile that really fits the training objectives.

If the audience is young women, between 18 and 35 years old, you should target your campaigns exactly to them and not to women of different age groups or to men who do not meet these expectations.

By knowing the product you will promote and the profile (persona) of your audience, your campaigns as a digital affiliate will be much simpler, more natural and effective.

Last considerations

Well, as you can see for yourself these 10 practical tips on how to sell as an affiliate are extremely strategic and if they are well-crafted they will help you to achieve success faster and more consistently in this market.

These tips work well for everyone, but it’s up to each one to analyze and, if you prefer, adapt them to make the conversion. Thus, you need to find your “own way” and for that it is necessary to experiment.

Test each one of them and see what the reactions and results are soon found. Sometimes short fixes can turn an apparently hopeless idea or campaign into an extremely effective one. Want an example to better illustrate this issue?

If you work with Email Marketing – which is very valid – you know that there is an email open rate that does not always meet your expectations. The share of “recipients” who open is smaller than those who don’t. And do you know why?

Often the title of the message doesn’t catch your attention. And what to do? Change. A title that generates curiosity in the public tends to generate better results. Work on this aspect and then tell me your results. It will certainly be quite significant.

Author Bio: Rohit Singh is a professional Digital Marketing Expert. He is a digital nerd and he loves sharing his thoughts through Blogger Cage. SEO, WordPress, Make money Online and Digital Marketing are his prime interests.