How to rank a single page website on Google?

How to rank a single page website on Google?

Google has a search engine that has proved to be one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. This idea of information and ideas is so easily available to the public, no matter if you live in India, the USA, Brazil or any other part of the world. These websites are extraordinary and provide crisp and relevant information to all users who want to know about their favourite topics. This goes without saying that it not only limits itself to certain information about topics, but now it has ads running on these pages and websites like Instagram and other social networks where you can log in and work. This is an extraordinary feature and users have benefited a lot from it. Another thing that you ought to know about this is that One-page website best SEO practices are the new thing that helps users to find their required things in a one-page website. Before moving forward in the article, you should know what a one-page website is. 

First understand we are going to understand what is a one-page website?

This is an important section for all the users who have come here to see which are the websites that are considered to be the best one-page website. But, before we move on to rank a new website, you must know what the One Page website is, so in this article, we will talk about the definition of this type of website. 

  • As the name suggests, a one-page website or as some say a single-page website is an HTML page that consists of only one page. 
  • Any other pages which you might see on any normal website such as an about us page, contact information, achievements and more do not exist. There is one and only one page on this page called a one-page website. 
  • All the information that people who use that website want you to know is present on that one page. This is a bit surprising as there might be a lot of information that creators would want to cramp in one page. 
  • This type of website has a considerably better response system. Users who come onto this website just have to click only once to make sure that they want something or want to know something. This makes a way thicker chance when it comes to getting a response from a potential customer. 
  • Also, it has been the kind of page that users have enjoyed the most, it being so simple to use and the information being given so simply to users on one page only. 

These are the reasons why people prefer one-page websites. Now that you know what a one-page website is exactly, we should move on to the next section of how one can rank various one-page websites. 

How to rank a one-page website?

There are numerous methods that one can use to rank the one-page method, there is just no one way to do this. This can be done in various ways and this is not only supposed to be done individually but it is done by various digital marketing agencies. For example, Battersea Web Expert is a reputed digital marketing agency. You can go to this digital marketing agency. They are affordable and trusted.

Here 3 strategies you can follow to rank single page website

Internal website changes

  • The first step could be to paginate your one-page website. You must divide your page into various parts and give information on these various segments. This helps you to keep information in various segments and display it for other people who are reading. 
  • Make sure that the readability of the content in the one-page website is still good and easy for people. The website is short and easy to read due to the length of the information does not mean that the content should not be readability can be compromised. 
  • It is important to keep the one-page website fresh and make all the new information appear on the website. Things keep shifting on the internet and new information keeps getting updated, it is important to add this information to your one-page website. 
  • Add the links on your website, we agree that this type of website helps you to attract customers but links are still important. So, keep adding links (external) to your one-page website so you can get it ranked easily. 

On page SEO

On page SEO is a strategy every one has to follow to rank their website for every type of website, even single page websites. There are some factors you have to follow to change a website which meets search engine requirements

  • Optimize every section or div: You have to adjust your html tags and rearrange and insert proper heading tags
  • Website speed optimization- Generally a single page website is fast according to multipages website you can take advantage of that and increase your website speed as much you can
  • Create blog page: Yes that’s right even if you have a single page of a website still you need a blog page to rank your website. Because Google only ranks your website on top when you show some authority and no one visits your website directly if they don’t know your brand. So create a blog page and add quality blogs in that.

Off-page SEO

Off-page is all about creating backlinks and moving traffic to your website. There are lots of Off-page Seo strategies which you can follow to improve your website ranking. If you check ecommerce websites they can rank easily because they have a lot of pages on their website and some rank without creating any backlinks, but in your case you have a single page website so you have to create backlinks to improve your ranking and grow your website traffic.

Here are some Off-page strategies you can follow:

  • Guest Posting: This is the best of page strategy because it’s hard compared to other strategies. It is worth it. Because you are getting links whenever you want in the article. But for this you have to search websites for your niece who accept guest posts. Where you can provide them articles in exchange they will provide you a link. Some people agree if your article is worthy and most people ask for money in exchange.
  • Forum Posting- Find an authority forum posting website in your niche and engage in forum , provide valuable answers, build your trust and add your link to move traffic on your website.
  • Business Listing- This strategy is a must for a business website where you have to create your business profile in authority websites make sure to add google listing and do local SEO.