How to Properly Use Music in Digital Marketing

How to Properly Use Music in Digital Marketing

Any modern business owner understands the importance of digital marketing. From email marketing to content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and so on, there are several components of digital marketing.

When coming up with your digital marketing strategy, one underused element which you should consider using is music. It’s no secret that music is a very powerful marketing tool. We bet your favorite TV ads have some catchy songs and when you think about those ads, those songs come to your mind first. 

If you’ve not been using music in your digital marketing efforts, it’s time to do so. Music can invoke strong emotional responses from your audience and it’s easier to use music commercially than most people think. 

Continue reading to learn how to use music properly in digital marketing. 

Why Use Music for Digital Marketing?

Below are some of the reasons why music can be a powerful tool for your marketing efforts:

Increased Engagement: By invoking strong emotional responses from your target audience, music can significantly increase engagement and provide better results for your marketing efforts. 

Cost-effective: Using music is not as expensive as you might think. Royalty-free music represents an affordable option to use high-quality music for your marketing campaign. 

Unique Campaigns: Chances are your ads will stand out from the rest when you use music and this makes your marketing campaign unique. The result is increased conversions and sales. 

Using Music for Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

The key to successfully incorporating music in your marketing campaigns involves using the right type of music. Do you need a music effect for your campaign? Or will a cool track or song do the trick? Below are the various ways you can use music for your marketing efforts:

Digital ads

A very obvious way of using music. Your ads can be a lot more than images and texts. You can diversify them by using catchy tunes to make your ads more engaging, interesting, and memorable. 

Social Media Content

Social media allows you the opportunity to use different types of posts. You can utilize Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Tiktok posts, slideshows, and animated infographics. You can even create stop-motion videos with your products.

All of the posts mentioned above will benefit from a catchy and fun song/tune. This allows you to spice things up for your audience and make your posts more enjoyable. 


Your website is your home on the internet where you funnel visitors from your marketing efforts. Brands are now leveraging the power of music to boost their brand image. A good song combined with a professional-looking website and user-friendly interface can create strong initial impressions on visitors. 

Videos, Streams, and Podcasts

Whether you are creating videos for your ads or to educate your audience, you can make them more effective by adding music. The same also applies to streams and podcasts. 

A nice background music, melody, or sound effect can go a long way in keeping your audience engaged and interested in the message you intend to pass across. 


Digital marketing is more important than ever due to the crowded and competitive market. Using music for your marketing efforts allows you to stand out from the crowd and your reward is the increased engagements and conversion you’ll enjoy.