How To Market the Healthcare Industry

How To Market the Healthcare Industry

The best medical practices in the world lose money when potential patients either can’t find them or leave because a competitor is better at meeting their needs. The healthcare industry has radically transformed in the past decade, no longer centered on what doctors prefer, but on what patients want. If you don’t learn to adapt, your medical practice will dwindle one patient at a time. Here are tips for how to market in the healthcare industry.

Build Your Online Reputation

People look at Google reviews for doctors when they have a medical need or they’re looking for a general practitioner. Pleasing your clients is crucial for not only keeping them but also building new clientele. Get proactive about building your online reputation. Build your business profile on those online review sites, including Google and Yelp. Include a professional picture of you and an explanation of your practice and what you do. The better your profile, the more likely people will leave online reviews.

Most people don’t leave reviews unless you ask, so have your workers at the exit desk request your patients to post reviews when they get home. Make it easy by putting the information on a card to give them. You can also send an email the next day. Every review site has different requirements, so be sure to take the time to read and follow their rules so those reviews you worked so hard to obtain don’t get removed.

Focus on What Sells Best

Think about the patients you currently have. Consider their demographics. How old are they and what is their average income bracket? Are they self-pay or do they rely on Medicare? Why did they choose your practice over one of your competitors? If you can answer those questions, you will better shape your own marketing techniques. If your patients tend to be older, for example, marketing on a younger-dominated social media platform like TikTok won’t be as effective as one older people prefer such as Facebook.

Use Web Content Rather Than Ads

Posting a banner advertisement about your business is not only ignored by most but probably never seen. Many people have software installed on their computers that block pop-up ads, meaning you’re wasting your advertising dollars by paying for them. Today’s savvy web surfers seek value in everything they read on the internet, so provide content of interest to your prospective patients. If you specialize in pediatrics, post content discussing the health issues affecting children along with tips on the best ways to treat different childhood illnesses. If you specialize in Alcohol Therapy then do the same. Recommend seeking the advice of a professional and then insert a link leading to your practice.

Not only will you draw in interested readers who are more likely to click your link, but your articles will please the search engines, meaning you’ll rank higher and prospective patients will see your article when they post a search on a search engine. Be sure to build a website and fill it with helpful information along with a page describing you and your clinic. Then create other articles on health issues to post on other websites. If you don’t have the patience to write the articles yourself, hire a web content writer.

Advertise on YouTube

People of all ages are turning to YouTube not only for entertainment but also for helpful information. Almost every one of those YouTube channels receives income through advertisements. Preparing video ads and posting them on YouTube is a great return on your money. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad, and you can set a limit on how much you’re willing to pay. You’ll be able to target your audience on topics of interest and demographics. You can search for audiences who typically show interest in the type of ad you want to place.

A video ad placed on YouTube helps you connect better with your audience. Like web content, you want to offer something of value to your audience and provide a solution involving your services. You don’t need expensive equipment to make your own videos either. Just use a smartphone and then go to an online marketing platform to hire a video editor. With the right video, you can reach a local audience looking for a solution you can provide.

Don’t Forget To Chat

People of all ages have cell phones with texting capabilities so don’t forget to market to your clients through text messaging. Most text messages are opened and read, and a huge majority of consumers like businesses to communicate with them via text. Keeping in touch with your patients by using text messaging is a way to retain loyalty. You can use text messaging to market other services your clinic provides as well as encourage wellness exams and other nonessential services. Then send messages asking for reviews and do surveys of your patients to find out what services they prefer. It’s a good way to receive crucial feedback.

Go Mobile

More than half of smartphone owners look up medical information on their phones rather than on a computer. It’s always with you, and way easier to use than powering up a computer, so keep this in mind when considering your business website. Make sure it’s mobile responsive, meaning each page of your website can be resized to be seen easily on the small screen of a smartphone. Not only will it make it easier for your tech-savvy patients to read your website, but it will also help your website rank higher on search engines. Google recently announced that it now lists mobile-ready websites first in its index ranking. If Google does it, you can be sure that other search engines will follow suit, so if you want potential patients to find your clinic, make sure you have a website with valuable information that’s mobile-friendly. Also, make sure you have a call-to-action on each web page that’s easy to see and understand.

By following these tips, your medical practice will grow and thrive with happy patients and a prosperous business for you.