How to launch a successful personalized marketing strategy

Do you need better conversion rates? Australia is a vast market with a lot of potential. How about getting some personalized content to attract more people. We all remember those Coca-Cola commercials where the whole family is gathered. It evokes a sense of unity and makes people feel warm and more fond of a product. Well, a marketing strategist has to come up with similar ideas to boost conversions. We are here to present you with some marketing strategy ideas to make all that possible. 

1 Research your target market

It’s crucial to acquire information about your target audience, which you’ll be able to employ in your marketing campaign. These are some of the methods you might use to learn more about your target audience:

  • Surveys or questionnaires
  • Groups for discussion
  • Platforms for social media, and other online methods you find useful.

Collect as much information as possible from your potential customers or prospects. Instead of a lengthy survey, one or two questions may suffice.

2 Add additional helpful content

Personalization is an essential part of the customer experience. It helps to boost conversion rates and increase customer engagement.

There are many ways to personalize your web and it starts with your homepage. You need to make sure that it is relevant, interesting, and engaging for your target audience.

You can also personalize your website by adding a blog section or a newsletter subscription form on each page of the site. This will help you to stay in touch with your customers regularly and provide them with fresh content that they are interested in.

If you need to hire an SEO expert for your website, the recruitment agency Sydney can find professionals for this matter.

3 Adapt to your marketplace

The first thing to do is to get a clear understanding of your audience. You need to know what they are looking for, what their needs are, and how they behave.

You can then use that information to create a website that appeals to them.

There are many ways you can do this. One way is by using local keywords in the domain name and content. For example, you could use “Las Vegas” instead of “Vegas” or “Chicago” instead of “Illinois”. Another way is by adding photos from the area on the website or by referencing local events. This will make it more likely for people who live in that area to find your site and convert into customers.

4 Make special offers to new visitors to your website

You can boost your conversions by making special offers on products that are relevant to the visitors’ needs and interests.

For example, if you are a clothing company, you can offer discounts on particular items or offer free shipping to new customers. This will make the customer feel like they are getting a good deal and encourage them to buy more from your site in the future. Mail lists can be helpful with this, but make sure that you personalize your emails since they have 29% more potential to lead to a conversion. 

You can customize your homepage with a welcome message or pop-up that directs visitors to relevant material like your “about us” page and most popular articles or even ask them to join your mailing list.

The same goes for the visitors from referral pages, you can add a greeting message as a special thanks for visiting your site from one of your partner sites. This way, your visitors will feel more welcomed and special. 

5 Use marketing automation tools

Automation tools will be able to activate lead nurturing efforts based on content interest. While your content will address a variety of business problems and themes, that does not guarantee that all of your prospects will be interested in all of them.

If a prospect downloads an e-book on a specific topic, for example, program your automation systems to automatically enroll them in a lead nurturing campaign that sends them content related to the initial topic and personalizes email messages based on the data from the downloaded content.

6 Update your marketing strategy from time to time

To ensure 100 percent performance, the personalized marketing technique, like all other strategies, requires ongoing analysis and development. Allowing the campaigns to run for a few weeks and then evaluating the results is the ideal method.

Instead of obtaining a fast view of how your personalization process is progressing, your team will be able to get an accurate picture of actual progress over time.

It’s also important to double-check all of your technology integrations to ensure that you have access to a complete picture of data.

There you have some of the most important ideas when it comes to personalization marketing strategies. Make sure you have a good plan and update it from time to time. Don’t hesitate to reach out to professional recruiters to help you find good staff in case you’re not an expert in these things.