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How To Jump to a Career in Digital Marketing

It would be almost impossible today to find a business that doesn’t take advantage of digital marketing. It’s probably even used to generate new leads at the company where you work, too. Somewhere along the way, you may have realized this type of marketing is fascinating, not to mention lucrative. If this sounds like a profession you’d like to get involved in, here’s a list of several things you should do to successfully make the jump to a career in digital marketing.

What Is Digital Marketing?

By now you’re familiar with the term “digital marketing”, but what does it encompass? In a nutshell, digital marketing is the advertising you see on anything that’s digitized. This includes internet pages, social media, apps and even video games. However, it’s much more than just slapping an ad on a website. Digital marketing includes graphics, videos and written content such as articles, blog posts and social media updates. With digital marketing, you’ll need to understand demographics and the most effective ways to reach a target audience. This includes email marketing, pay-per-click ads and using keywords pointed at potential customers.

Sign-Up for Courses

Maybe you’re already a whiz at web design or social media, but the proper credentials will make you stand out. When searching for the right class, whether in-person or online, look for one that includes social media strategies, SEO, analytics and content writing. This material will mesh well with whatever experience you already have such as web design, graphic arts or copywriting. You also want to find a course that gives you plenty of hands-on experience.

Get the Proper Equipment

The beauty of digital marketing is that it’s a career you can do from anywhere. For starters, you’ll need to get your hands on the proper equipment. Of course, you’ll need a computer and choosing a desktop, or a laptop, will depend on whether you plan to work exclusively from an office or on the road. Make sure your computer is fast with at least 8GB of RAM, so you’re able to work quickly and store large files and graphics.

Since you’ll be spending so much time online, protect your eyes with blue free glasses that filter out harmful rays produced by digital screens. You should also invest in an ergonomic keyboard since you’ll be putting in a lot of time typing. If you really want to get fancy, check out ergonomic chairs that protect your posture when you spend long days in front of a computer.

Create Your Own Website

Creating your own website for a career in digital marketing is helpful on so many levels. First, you’ll get experience in the exact career you’re pursuing. Second, an online presence is basically an internet resume. You can design a standalone personal website, or you can launch a blog. Starting your own blog gets you familiar with web design, writing content and using SEO to rank high on search engines. You can also monetize your blog and not only make extra money, but learn which techniques work best. These are skills you can use in any digital marketing project.

Learn About SEO and Analytics

Getting your feet wet in the world of SEO and analytics is necessary to be successful in digital marketing. Luckily, you can study on your own before enrolling in a course. Analytics data is important to any business and is used to learn about the customer’s habits. It tells you where they’re from, what they’re looking for on a website, how long they stay and how they found the site to begin with.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the art of optimizing your content to make it search engine-friendly and easily found. This is done through the use of keywords and phrases that people would normally type into a search bar. Knowing how to use SEO is crucial to an online site and the more people that click on your information, the higher you’ll continue to rank.

Volunteer Your Skills

Who hasn’t seen a website that could use a little revamping to reach its full potential? A great way to get more experience in digital marketing is to volunteer your skills. Offer to polish up a website, or social media platform, for a non-profit agency or for someone you know that runs a small business. Better yet, go the distance and build them a website if they don’t already have one. They’ll benefit from generating new business and you’ll get real life experience. It also looks good on your resume and could lead to a permanent position.

Start With Part-Time Gigs

When shifting from an established career to one in digital marketing, remember that it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing switch. Ease yourself into this new venture by starting out with a part-time position or by accepting short-term gigs. Remember, there’s plenty of people that enjoy working on freelance projects in addition to their full-time jobs. This gives you the freedom to either establish yourself in your leisure time, or to begin an entry level job that you can work your way up in.

Never Stop Learning

Immersing yourself into the world of digital marketing means understanding that you’ll never stop learning. This profession is one that is constantly evolving and updating in two different ways. First, just like regular marketing, customer’s needs and tastes change, therefore marketing campaigns must follow along. On the technical side, changes are always occurring, so be on the lookout for any additional training possible. You can also sign up for webinars and follow your favorite bloggers to stay on top of the latest trends.

Make the Change

If you’re at the point in your line of work where you’re ready for a compelling change, digital marketing is the way to go. You’ll be entering a field that’s in high demand and you’ll be able to use skills you already possess. By furthering your knowledge with courses, creating an internet presence and getting hands-on experience, you’ll find yourself thriving in an exciting and profitable career.