How to Increase Your PT Consultation Bookings in 2022

How to Increase Your PT Consultation Bookings in 2022

New consultations are essential to the growth and success of your physical therapy practice. To increase your leads and cultivate relationships with prospects, you need a strategy that holds people’s attention with captivating content.

You don’t, however, need to think of this as a transactional process of drawing in more numbers. See it as an opportunity to mix and mingle with the people around you. You’ll have fun and expand your understanding of your potential clients in order to better meet their needs.

The following are some tips to develop a winning strategy that expands your clinic’s reach.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

Your PT website may already be full of useful content that answers your reader’s burning questions, but it may not be as user-friendly as you think. When someone with vision, hearing, or mobility limitations accesses your site, it should be just as easy for them to navigate as it would be for people without disabilities. Larger fonts, screen reader compatibility, and clear metatags can improve navigation on your site while boosting your overall online search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.

In addition, your website should have a cohesive overall design that reflects your brand identity. Be sure to include quality behind-the-scenes pictures of your clinic, to give readers a warm and inviting insider’s glimpse of your world.

Adding these elements will entice your site’s visitors to linger on your website. Provide them with useful tips and blog posts that help them improve their health and quality of life.

Create Useful Content

Your internet marketing for chiropractors strategy must include a blog where you consistently post engaging content. Each new post or promotional landing page should serve to increase your online visibility.

You know the most common concerns and questions of your clients. Draw on them for endless inspiration for your blog and social media posts. For example, offer tips for staying active during the winter months, when a more sedentary lifestyle sets in for many. Or offer advice to users looking to get back into the gym after COVID quarantines. 

Every time you help one of your patients overcome a health issue, use it to create an article or post that will help countless others. This can involve gathering testimonials from your clients whenever they experience breakthroughs in injury recovery or improving their overall health. Sharing these highlights can even be as simple as including before and after photos with your blogs posts.

Educate Callers Waiting on Hold

While keeping clients and prospects on hold is not ideal, it is sometimes unavoidable. Put those moments to good use by leveraging services provided by The Informer. They will create tailored marketing scripts for you to play while callers wait on hold.

Instead of music, use hold time to educate callers about

·       Reducing neck or back pain while doing desk work

·       Improving overall posture at work

·       Coping with carpal tunnel syndrome

These messages can provide relevant information that will be helpful to almost anyone who calls your office.

Get Involved in Your Community

One of the quickest and most impactful ways to make a difference and expand your clinic’s reach is by getting involved in your local community. You can volunteer to help with local events like: 

  • Fundraisers
  • Races and marathons
  • Hospital galas
  • Charity dinners
  • Conventions

Search for local events online through EventBrite and Google. Also, check with your colleagues to see what events they are involved in. You may be surprised to find how fun these events are for your staff, and how many new prospects you meet in the process.

If your company has the resources to hold its own event, the advantage is that you will have your guests’ undivided attention. Host a health expo at your clinic or in a local park. Since you will be the only company present at this event, your guests can spend the entire time building relationships with your staff through fun and informative activities.

Sponsor Events and Meet New People

It may not always be feasible to create or participate in a local event. The next best option may be for you to sponsor one by donating money, to pay for the event coordinators’ essential needs.

In exchange, the organization holding the event can help you gain visibility by displaying your logo, branding, and promotional materials, both in their advertising literature and on event day. This will increase your brand recognition and visibility to prospective clients and encourage them to contact you for help.

If there are prizes or giveaways during an event, you might donate one of them. This could be a sought-after medical device or a voucher for a complimentary therapy session at your clinic.

Perhaps there’s one essential item that event participants will need which you can supply. For example, the water bottles at a local marathon can be supplied by you, and they can be custom labeled with your logo and branding.

Opportunities for you to engage your prospects at local happenings abound, even if you can’t be physically present.

Collaborate With Affiliates

If you already have doctors, pharmacies, and medical device salespeople in your pipeline, collaborate with them to gain visibility by exchanging guest blog posts, or creating a Q&A video together.

Your combined expertise will help to increase your credibility in your local market. It will also add value to your content that gets the attention of your online audience.  

Make Engaging Videos

A fun and engaging video can capture the attention of your prospects like nothing else. Be personable and unleash your sense of humor. Keep videos short, and share quick health tips or introduce members of your staff who prospects will meet when they visit your clinic.

This kind of content can create a sense of anticipation, giving potential clients something to look forward to when they book their first consultation.
The digital marketing tips for chiropractors shared here will help you to generate more consultations that convert prospects to clients. For help implementing a marketing plan, you may also contact expert web developers. They can help you create an online marketing machine that showcases your practice’s best qualities and attracts a consistent flow of new clients.