How To Improve Your Google Ads With Ad Extensions Matter

How To Improve Your Google Ads With Ad Extensions Matter

Ad extensions allow the advertisers to add more information to the Ads. Probably, every PPC advertiser knows this. But only a few use these extensions to get the most out of them. 

They are an essential snippet of extra information, which you can add to your campaigns to make them more effective. These extensions help you expand your advertisements to make them useful for the users. Mostly, they include a phone number, additional links from the website, seller address, and more. Also, some extensions are automated, which means the information gets automatically added to the ad.

If you want to improve your Google Ads performance in 2021 with Ad extensions, below is what you need to know-

Add Location Extensions To Your Ads

You can set up your business locations on your Google Ads in several ways. For example, you can add an address manually, connect your Google Ads account, or share a location Ad extension from other Google Ads campaigns.

When you are creating a new campaign, you can consider any of the first two options. However, if you are adding to an existing campaign, you will find two different sub-headings. The sub-heading option, ‘addresses from Google places’ is expanded by default. Thus, if you want to add an address manually, you need to collapse Google Places option and locate Manually Entered Addresses option.

The third way is to share the location Ad extensions between the campaigns. In order to choose an extension to share, click ‘New Extension’ and choose an existing extension. But make sure to do this only when it is relevant.

Product Extensions With Product Images

If you want to add a product extension, you should have a Google Merchant Center account. Once you link the two accounts, you will be able to manage the products via Google Merchant Center. While creating a new text Ad, you want to add product information. Here, the default option is to display all the products in the account.

It is a good choice as it allows Google to serve images and information about your products when a user searches. Another way is to create product listing Ads. It is a different Ad format that shows up with Google Ads in the search engine result.

Link Additional Pages within Your Website

According to PPCexpo, first you need to set up the site links. Though Google will show up six site links, it’s good to fill all the ten to present all the relevant options. Keep in mind that the most important functionality of the site links is that it provides the users with more options to click.

Enhanced Ad Site Links

These site links flesh out the existing Ad site links with descriptions under each link. These descriptions are taken from other Ads in the campaign. Google automatically enables the enhanced site links for advertisers if their website’s site links are already enabled.

Review extension:

Have you ever seen ads with stars or ratings? These are called review extensions? Review extensions increase the success of a campaign, making click-through-rate high. These are often used to get an exact review of the product or services offered by the companies or organizations.

Price extension:

Price is one of the major factors when looking for options to finalize the purchase. When someone sees your ad, there’s no assurance that they will click them and look for the pricing options. And, if your competitor’s ad is just below your ad and they have mentioned the prices, the viewers will more likely click on it. So, make sure you are quoting the price.

Click Ad Extension

You can use call extensions in Google Ads in two ways, i.e., by putting the business phone number on the Ad and by enabling Google forwarding numbers. When you put your business number on the Ad, it allows you to display for the users on their mobile devices.

On the other hand, the enabling Google forwarding numbers don’t include your number. Instead, it shows a custom Google number setup that forwards you business number. One benefit of this option is, it provides the advertisers with more reporting data. Also, it allows the call extension to display for both mobile and desktop users.

Callout Extension:

These extensions let you include additional descriptive text in your general, standard text ads. You can include things related to your business, services, products, which will appear below your ad on the Google Search network. These extensions appear like site links; the only difference is that they are clickable. So, you can make them in the form of bullet points, snippets to encourage clicks. Furthermore, callout extensions are important because:

  • They are easy to implement and look like a simple text
  • These extensions need no links to secondary pages
  • They show details about your business, like unique offerings and other popular services
  • You don’t need to pay any additional money

Add Social Extensions 

If you have a verified Google Plus page, you can easily link it to the Google Ads campaign with the basic setup section. Google serves +1 button as a default option and enabling the social extension will link this button to your business page.

Social extensions don’t influence your Ads’ rankings though. However, if they result in a high click-through-rate for your Ads, it will increase the Ad’s quality score and ranking. Even if your brand is already active on Google Plus, you can connect it with Google Ads campaign.


This is where you can add Ad extensions to your Ads and improve their performance. Get creative with your Ads to stand out from the other advertisers on the market. Choose a relevant Ad extension to provide the audience with all the information. It is a proven tactic that can be used to get more clicks on your Ads and improve their quality score.  With this information, you can make your next Google Ads campaign a success in 2021 and can have more leads.