How To Improve On-Page SEO Using FAQ Page Schema

How To Improve On-Page SEO Using FAQ Page Schema

If you are looking for ways through which you can increase the rank of your website or increase its visibility then the very crucial thing is SEO. Along with SEO trends, there are a couple of more things like the content, keyword research, and so on but SEO plays a prominent part. 

When it comes to SEO, there are multiple things that one should have in mind like SEO services providers and different kinds of services (on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and so on). There is one more thing about which you might haven’t heard before and that is the FAQ page Schema. Don’t worry because you are about to know about it now.

The Secret Trick to Improving Performance with FAQ Rich Snippets is that You can include FAQ schema markup on your site as:

• FAQ pages

• Pages with a FAQ section

Are you wondering whether these are two different things or the same thing? It may not seem like it, but there is a big difference between the two.

FAQ pages rarely rank higher. They help the audience to navigate to your website rather than organic search results. Search engines are all about the content that answers the queries of the audience. FAQ pages do not focus on keywords but try to capture many bases at once. Thus FAQ pages conflict with the content that Google promotes. 

 You can add FAQ schema for your frequently asked questions, this will have an impact on your SEO.

At this stage, you should probably do a quick review of what exactly is FAQ schema markup.

FAQ schema is specialized markup that googles reads to generate snippets. you can add FAQs to a webpage’s code that contains a list of questions and answers. FAQ schema is not only limited to the FAQ page, it shows the list on SERPs for any page that is properly structured with a frequently asked question section.

FAQs directly tie to the page title and meta-description and target the intent behind profitable queries of the audiences. Google live FAQs Because the overall snippet is more relevant and valuable.

SEO services review all your pages that differentiate them from other strategies as they directly tie to more sales.

Pages that Consistently generate leads and conversions or Have the potential to generate more leads and conversions are the perfect FAQs schema.

5 Ways FAQ Schema Can Take Your SEO to the Next Level

There are a lot of amazing things that can be done with structured data. Below are the ways in how FAQs can take SEO to the next level.

1. Provides an Instant Rich Snippet

A rich snippet is the most important part of SERPs. Results take time even if you have implemented structured data properly. Faq’s rich snippets make things easier. SEO services provide top FAQs rich snippets that Google is ready to promote.

2. Lets Your Snippet Absolutely Dominate SERP

Google show relevant Three FAQs results which alone doubles the number of your snippets. If you want to increase the FAQs question then you should improve your markups. Thus your page will show only four FAQs while the rest will be hidden and will appear only when visitors choose the “Show More” option. This thing will make your page rank higher. SEO services often guide you to add up to 10 relevant FAQs to your page.

3. Improves CTR

SEO services will analyse your page and will help you to increase CTR up to 50%. The snippet takes major space in SERPs and provides an increase in the targeted audience which increases the probability of people clicking on your snippet.

You should create more hyperlinks so that users can click through your content in dropdown answers. Just be sure not to give away the whole matter in your answers. You should be careful while writing FAQ schema, do not write full information in FAQs because it will show the negative results on your page and in the case of products, proof should not be mentioned in FAQs.

Revealing excess information will have positive points for your competitors but negative for your page growth.

4. Generates Higher Quality Leads

There are two types of leads, which convert and which do not convert. SEO services work with those leads that convert because they are the ones ready to sign up or download or buy, the navigation structure should be good. FAQs schema help to attract high quality leads to your page. With FAQs schema, you can give the audience an idea about what your content is about which can result in clicking through. Converting should be the prime goal of your website. The visitors should follow through with the content and not just move along, this will increase the conversion rate of the website.

5. Connects to Voice Search

SEO services work to enhance the FAQs so that your business can grow. Voice search is the biggest trend in digital marketing. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant even your refrigerator, and Television are coming with voice assistance. FAQs play a major role, people use voice assistance for asking questions. If that question is linked to your FAQs or your page, then the AI will answer the question with your page structural data.  


You should implement FAQ in your SEO strategies. Google is aware that people can abuse the power of FAQs schema and hence takes measures. FAQs content is trusted by all the users and has the potential to increase traffic to your website.