How To Find A Viable Affiliate Marketing Niche

How many times have you heard from people about the term “affiliate marketing”? Undoubtedly, quite often. It is making a comfortable passive income without actually working or doing a business on your own. Yet, it isn’t as easy as it looks like; it requires hard-working days to find a niche with your interest and is profitable. 

Before diving in, we need first to understand what affiliate marketing is and how we find our niche? 

Affiliate marketing is a type of digital marketing where you sell a product or service of a company. When a person buys the product or service through your affiliate link, you get a commission for it.

It is simple to choose any topic you wish, start writing about it, and earn a passive income. However, selecting a viable niche for affiliate marketing is critical to avoid any atrocious outcomes. You can make sales through two factors – trust and authority. To gain confidence, you must recommend and sell the products or services that are nice. As for authority, you should write a broad range of reliable content related to your topic to build authority for your site.

Few niches are evergreen in affiliate marketing. It implies that you can make sales for these products or services years after years. For instance, the idea to cash in on a fitness affiliate program is one of the significant niches. Our primary objective is to bring organic traffic to our site and rank on the first page of search engines with all the possible keywords. So, we need to find a niche that has the highest search traffic. 

Finding an affiliate marketing niche may be a dreadful task for many marketers, but now you don’t have to worry. Following the steps below will help you in finding a viable niche for affiliate marketing:

1 Brainstorm Your Ideas

The very first step in finding a niche that sparks your interest is brainstorming. These three categories will help you find your inclination towards a particular niche:


It is one of the easiest ways to discover the niche that intrigues you the most. Once you have a clear picture of your hobbies, there will be no need for thorough research. Here is the step to step guide on how to brainstorm your ideas according to hobbies

  • List down the ideas that come to your mind. Keeping on asking yourself what are the topics you like the most?
  • The next step is to analyze these hobbies from a business point of view. How much can a person earn through this?
  • The third step is to conduct a complete market survey. It will help you decide whether these affiliate programs will be worthwhile or not.

Passion and Interests:

If you pick up a topic that does not align with your interests, it will not be worth your efforts. Following are some of the benefits of selecting a niche that you are passionate about:

  • Jot down the names of the topic about which you have sufficient knowledge
  • Start producing quality content regularly.
  • Pick some popular niches such as traveling, animals, and other adventures. People will be ready to pay more for such topics.


It is essential to choose a niche over which you have full control. If anything goes wrong or there is any difficulty, you must be the first person to resolve it. You should be a reliable person who proposes a solution to their problems. It will serve as a profitable niche from which you can gain profit.

2 Keyword And Traffic Research

After brainstorming your ideas, the next step is to determine whether your niche will do a successful business. A best practice in affiliate marketing is to build a business around products or services that gives you a continuous passive income. It is essential to analyze the keyword ranking and search traffic before dedicating your time and energy. There are plenty of online keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner that helps you assess if your chosen niche idea is profitable. 

For your affiliate marketing business, you need to have a large number of organic traffic. Two main points to analyze traffic are search volume and click rate of the tools’ first ten searches. Online tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush can help you in examining traffic in your niche. You can test the cost per click (CPC) of your keywords further on Google AdWords; this will help determine your niche’s traffic and sales.

3 Competition

A fundamental element – Domain Authority, determines whether the niche is worthwhile to go for or not. It is recommendable to check your competitors’ websites’ authority to test your niche topic’s value. It would help if you competed with the websites that have DA >35 of your top 10 search results. 

Penetrating high competitive niche areas may indeed be quite challenging. It will help if you came up with a unique strategy to compete with the existing businesses. You need to have an insightful eye to identify the gap and make improvements to stand out among your competitors. For instance, if your competitor isn’t sending emails or is just reviewing the products. You can go the extra mile by creating an email list and requesting your users to subscribe to it. This way you can make more money and also lead the competition.

4 Monetization Of Sales

What’s the use of entering into the field of affiliate marketing if you cannot earn any commission? The whole purpose of affiliate programs is to make money. Apart from the price of the product, always keep track of commission charges. 

Amazon offers an associate program for people who are new in the area of affiliate marketing. This program helps determine a niche’s value and how much profit one can gain through this niche. Another way to determine your niche’s worth is by searching for products that fall under this topic. If the number of products crosses the limit of 30, there are high chances of monetizing sales. One of these products can be a source to earn money. However, if you cannot find up to 30 products, unfortunately, you must back off and think again about a new niche.

Final Words

The above article provides a comprehensive guide on how to choose a viable niche for affiliate marketing. Several factors are essential to decide your desired niche. For beginners, here is a quick suggestion! Choose a domain that can quickly grab the attention of the audience. After this, deeply study it and understand their problems. This topic can play the role of a profitable niche. Most successful marketers follow this tip to succeed.