How Product Packaging can Impact Your Marketing Strategy

When you launch a business, you have to make sure that every aspect of it speaks for your brand’s ethos. 

From your logo to marketing collaterals, you have to have a unifying idea to make your mark in the market, even up to the small details. You have to understand that the competition is tough, especially now that many small to medium businesses are hitting the spotlight.

What could be your edge? Let’s talk about product packaging.

You might think it’s just a tiny aspect of the whole branding. In reality, product packaging creates a considerable impact when it comes to marketing strategy. Visit to learn more.

Here are several ways how this seemingly small-scale business element can affect the way you market your product:

Create Brand Recognition

When people see your product, it has to be easily identified with your brand. Brand association is essential, no matter how long you’ve been in the industry.

For starters, it’s essential that you instantly have that mark with your potential customers. It could lead to repeat sales, and you could gain loyal customers. However, when you’ve been in the business for long, the crucial thing is to always wow your patrons. You can do this by implementing improvements from time to time.

Your packaging has to speak for your brand. You have to have that effect on your customers that they easily associate it with your brand when they see your product. 

Have Competitive Edge

Imagine you’re in a grocery, doing your weekly round of shopping. You already know what to get and what to put in your cart. But there’s this one item that has piqued your attention.

What made it stand out? The packaging.

Out of hundreds or thousands of items in a store, it’s essential that your packaging stands out from the rest. It doesn’t always have to be unique, but the design has to be functional and hardworking.

Innovative packaging is also one way to do it. For instance, if you’re a food packaging, make sure that the design is functional. Turn it into something that can be used as a plate or stored again in the refrigerator if you can’t finish the meal in one go.

You don’t have to always go with the norm or the standard for building your products’ packaging.

Promotes Your Product

Think of a design that can be the focal point of your promotions. M&Ms, for example, did a great job incorporating the two iconic round characters in their packaging. Now, when people see those two M&M characters, you can only think of the colorful chocolate rounds.

Aside from your other marketing efforts, it’s essential that your packaging also promotes your brand. It will be something that your customers will remember you by. 

Whether you want to pull all the stops and be extravagant when it comes to packaging, or you’d rather be discreet about your branding, it’s all up to you. Just consider the fact that your product package could be a superior promotional strategy for your brand.

Gives a Strong First Impression

First impressions last. Your product should easily capture the attention of shoppers and consumers. And to do that, you have to think your packaging through.

Does it have to be loud in color? Sure, if that’s how you want your brand to be known. But of course, it could also be the simplest and the most straightforward way of packaging your product. What’s important is that it catches the customers’ attention.

The marketplace is a vast universe of different products. To be eye-catching is one way to capture the hearts of the consumers. That’s the reason why it’s crucial to have a strong first impression.

Provides Tangible Purchase Reward

When you’re an e-commerce brand that relies on deliveries, you must give your customers excellent packaging. It should be something that could make them happy when they receive it.

It could come in a box or a sturdy paper packaging that they can keep or reuse. You can also add a little design that’s functional for the whole structure. Whatever you deem appropriate for your brand, you owe it to your customers to give them a tangible reward. You’ll never know, it might be the reason they would want to order from you again.

Affects Consumer Buying Decisions

Your product packaging must make your customers think. There are plenty of similar products in the market all over the world. Some may even have the same packaging, but when you present your work differently, that’s the turning point. 

What will make your product the only choice is when you offer something more than just the product.

It could mean your packaging is more sensible and more comfortable to use or speaks to the brand’s character. 

Delivers a Message to Consumers

Your packaging also has to carry the message your company wants to convey to its customers.

Do you want to be a food brand that’s known for being sensitive to the needs of the environment? Switch to eco-friendly food packaging.

Or do you want to be someone who supports the plight of indigenous makers and crafters? Make it apparent in your packaging.

You’re free to do whatever you want with your branding so long as it speaks about your company and the message you want to tell your customers. It doesn’t end when you put your logo in front of the product. You have to get the message across.

Serves as Marketing Tool

Let’s admit it, the colors, the design, and the total packaging help us remember a brand.

It’s an effective way to market your product without saying a lot about it. When you display your items on an extended store shelf, they must recognize your brand right away. They won’t have to think about it and put your product in their baskets or carts without reading the label.

It doesn’t matter how many competitors you have in that market. The only thing that matters is that customers identify your brand because of its standout packaging.

The product packaging is like the face of your brand. So, take your sweet time when conceptualizing your packaging. It’s the first thing that your customers see when they look for something in the market. It doesn’t have to be pretty based on the standards of many. It only needs to be strikingly beautiful in its way—even if that means it’s intentionally crooked because that’s what the brand wants to say.