How to Do Moderation for New User Registration on a WordPress Site

How to Do Moderation for New User Registration on a WordPress Site

Are you seeking a solution to manage new consumer registrations on your WordPress website effectively? When you run a WordPress membership website or allow user registrations on your page, it’s unfortunate that it often leads to spam user sign-ups.

In this article, we will guide you on conveniently handling new user registrations via a wordpress user registration plugin in WordPress, enabling you to manually approve or deny new users.

Benefits of Managing New User Registrations in WordPress

WordPress allows you to open your website for new user registrations, allowing individuals to create accounts on your page. Website owners typically require user registration to grant access to premium content, enable file downloads, facilitate product purchases from their online store, and more.

By default, you can assign a user role, such as the Subscriber role, to all new user registrations. This grants them specific permissions and capabilities on your website.

To have more precise control over what users can view and do on your site, the MemberPress plugin is indispensable. It is the top-notch WordPress membership plugin that effortlessly enables you to sell memberships and subscriptions on your website. MemberPress allows you to offer courses, create a paid newsletter, and provide exclusive content memberships.

The Simple Digital Downloads plugin can fulfill your requirements if you sell digital downloads like eBooks, audio files, software, and more.

Alternatively, integrating user registration into your WooCommerce platform becomes necessary if you run an online store with physical products. This allows you to store shipping details for efficient order processing. However, one of the challenges of opening your website for new user registrations is the influx of spam sign-ups. Like spam comments, automated bots actively seek out and complete registration forms.

While you can utilize methods like ReCaptcha to prevent spam user registrations, they may also affect the user experience.

Fortunately, strategies are available to combat spam user registration by implementing a user moderation queue.

This section will explore how to effectively moderate new user registrations in WordPress, approving or denying sign-ups on your website.

Method 1: Moderating User Registrations with Custom Registration Form

Many website owners prefer using a custom user registration form in WordPress. This allows them to customize the form’s design to align with their brand requirements and seamlessly integrate user details with their email newsletter, among other benefits.

WPForms, the leading drag-and-drop WordPress form builder trusted by over 5 million websites, offers a powerful User Registration addon. Using WPForms on your site, you can create fully customized WordPress user registration forms and even enable admin approval for new user registrations.

Method 2: Moderating User Registrations with New User Approve

To begin, install and activate the free New User Approve plugin. You can refer to our step-by-step tutorial on how to install this WordPress plugin for detailed instructions.

Upon activation, this plugin enables moderation for all user registrations in WordPress, and it seamlessly integrates with popular plugins such as MemberPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, LearnDash, Quick Digital Downloads, and more.

If you use the default WordPress user registration, users will encounter the message that mandates the user to “Register For This Site.” Once users fill out the user registration form and submit it, they will be notified that their account is pending review.

As an administrator, you will also receive an email notification at your admin email address, prompting you to approve or deny the user registration. Users will also receive an email notifying them that their registration awaits approval.

To approve or deny user registration in WordPress, simply login to your WordPress admin area and click on the New User Approve menu item in the admin sidebar. There, you will see a list of user registrations awaiting moderation, where you can easily approve or deny each registration.

After the registration process, consumers will receive a notification via email, providing them with updates on their registration status, whether it has been approved or declined.

Upon receiving their registration confirmation, users can log in to their personal accounts on your WordPress website.

New User Approve offers a unique feature that allows you to generate invitation codes. These codes enable specific users to sign up on your website without going through the moderation queue, ensuring a streamlined registration process.

Wrap Up

WordPress allows you to open your website for new user registration. Therefore, moderating new users help site administrators to keep website away from spamming. This article will help you to modernize your WordPress site seamlessly.