Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

How To Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

Running a successful business, large or small, is dependent on the creativity of your advertising. Think of your marketing tactic like a loaded toolbox –– it should be organized, accessible, and full to the brim with clever gadgets that can be used in a pinch. As the global marketplace continues to expand and diversify, the need for inventive marketing approaches only increases. Follow some of these suggestions to elevate your brand and its overall impact.

Build Local Relationships

Believe it or not, research has demonstrated that word of mouth is still one of the most effective sales strategies out there. Lasting client relationships are built on trust, just like friendships and family bonds. Therefore, spending adequate time and energy on local, in-person networking is vital to the success of your company.

It may be that your client base has yet to grow because people simply aren’t aware of the novel ways your services and products could benefit them. This means you need to stand out during conferences and other local events. Make sure your representatives are outspoken, well-informed, and charismatic. Getting a word in edgewise will require a natural ability to read the room –– or the street corner. Use a concise elevator pitch that highlights your unique qualities as a business. 

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to seek out partnerships with nearby companies. Strive for a mutually beneficial relationship that will amplify your cause and theirs. This kind of marketing will strengthen your relevance and reputation amongst anyone who patronizes the partner you chose.

Finally, showing people firsthand what you’re all about is easily done with a company tour or onsite demonstration. Offering incentives and contest options will get people excited about interacting with you in a fun and personalized manner.

Expand Client Interest

Once you have a clear mission and vision –– including a strong sense of who your audience is –– start to evaluate your blind spots. Are there any potential clients you have overlooked? Is there anything about your marketing that could be off-putting to certain demographics? Solicit feedback from your team on this. Sometimes it’s difficult to see something that’s hiding behind your enthusiasm.

For example, if you offer party planning services year-round, there’s a chance you will be asked to host culturally specific events like bat mitzvahs and quinceañeras. Having a foundational understanding of the cultural food items that are central to these celebrations will allow you to appropriately serve your clients and their families.

Even celebrity sponsorships can allow you to dip your toes into new pools. Reach out to public figures who regularly engage with an audience you’d like to familiarize yourself with and see if they’d be interested in promoting your work.

No matter what your company specializes in, be sure to educate yourself and your staff on any relevant racial and ethnic differences amongst your clientele. This will allow you to expand your audience and foster a greater sense of connectivity in your community.

Disperse Printed Materials

You guessed it: print advertising is still impactful! Think of all the digital ads that people are bombarded with every time they log on to social networking sites, turn on the television, or check their email inbox. It can certainly feel like a thick swamp to sift through. Instead, what if they had a sleek and simple business card in their wallet, handed to them directly by one of your employees? With this kind of personal contact information, clients are much more likely to reach out to you.

Other methods for engaging with print marketing include mail-in postcards for existing customers, informative brochures for new leads, and colorful flyers placed strategically on bulletin boards. Just like the rest of your content, make sure your print media is easy to read and visually appealing. Include a phone number, URL, or QR code in a central location. You never know when you will catch the eye of someone who you wouldn’t otherwise have reached.

Solidify Digital Branding

Obviously, polishing your company’s online appearance will go a long way in communicating your compelling enterprise to the public. Having a strong internet marketing team –– or consulting with one from outside your company –– is an excellent strategy for preserving your awesome reputation. A solid online presence will reinforce the integrity of your brand as you continue to broaden your scope.

Start by making sure your website is up to date, streamlined, user-friendly, and distinctive from your competitors in some way. Then, focus on a singular social media platform where you believe you will reach your audience most effectively. From there, you can branch out to other forums and engage with new networks without falling behind on your digital management.

It is crucial that your digital marketing and customer service teams are responsive to online comments and direct messages. Many modern clients are more likely to choose this kind of interaction over an “old-school” phone call; it is, after all, faster to type a few sentences on the go than it is to dial in and wait for the manager to pick up. Encourage people to leave online reviews, and keep up with them as often as you can, even if you have to craft a kind reply to an angry customer.

Once you have a concrete sense of your digital branding, you can start to create succinct internet ads for Facebook and Google. You might also consider producing short and sweet video content that informs your audience of your unique offerings. Videos are great for sending out company updates to loyal customers. Get creative with this, and you will definitely widen your influence.

Overall, thinking innovatively is the best marketing strategy. If you want to outshine the competition, you will have to prove yourself worthy of attention. Use these recommendations as a backbone to figure out what works for you and your special mission. Monitor your results closely, and you will effortlessly start to assemble that trusty marketing toolbox that will serve you for years to come.