How to develop your own app?

How to develop your own app?

Regardless of whether you intend to create an application on your own or use the services of an agency, it is worth knowing the most important steps of developing an advanced software solution. The world went crazy about smartphones, and thus about apps that became so much more than just mobile services. Now, they can simply be anything – a game, a communicator, a list of sentences from a favorite movie, or a music database. That’s why they created such a desired new channel of communication for companies all over the world. So, what should you know before developing your own app?

Preliminary analysis

The first stage in the process of creating mobile applications is preliminary analysis. It starts after defining all the tools and libraries needed for the proper operation. It involves making the first sketch and design as well as establishing a work plan for individual elements of the application. At this stage, everything must be precise and orderly, which is why programmers use Kanban boards to plan a specific division of tasks. Gantt charts are also useful as they show the exact division of the project into stages planned in time. 

Task management is an indispensable element for a professional team of programmers like when creating an application, but undoubtedly, apart from tables and charts, a built-in communicator and an intuitive calendar are also of great importance. Functionalities that facilitate the development work are usually included in project management platforms.

Establishing business needs and planning

Knowing your business needs is a key step in further work planning. As part of the second stage, a development team comprehensively prepares a framework action plan, taking into account the time needed to implement the project. After the product workshops and an in-depth analysis of the project scope it’s much easier to set the time and contribution of specialists needed to achieve the most important goals.

 Before the developers start writing the first lines of code, it’s good to organize a kick-off meeting to get to know the project team face-to-face, discuss further work, establish communication rules, and define how to manage the project.

The delivery of individual functionalities is usually based on the Agile methodology. It means planning the next meetings, including dailies, 2-week sprints, as well as summaries and flashbacks in order to share feedback and constantly work on increasing the team’s effectiveness.

UX and UI design

UI and UX help create a seamless user experience – and the success of your mobile application will depend on the experience you can provide to your audience. Therefore, whenever you ask “how to create a mobile application?” give this factor a high priority.

Plan your mobile application project and check if it is interactive, intuitive and user-friendly. You definitely need to avoid some common UI/UX design flaws like missing contact details and a difficult checkout process. Remember that the application design process has to be highly transparent.