How to Create an Effective Outbound Calling Campaign in This Month

How to Create an Effective Outbound Calling Campaign in This Month

Each year successful outbound dialing campaigns generate billions of dollars for call centers. Depending on the goals, your call center strives to proactively grow revenue via phone, through selling, generating leads, promotion, fundraising, debt collection, and more. 

With a proactive strategy, staff and hardware it’s easy to ensure lasting relationships and ROI.

Conscious strategy 

Important to acknowledge and use this marketing rule – the higher the price of your product or service, the more prepared your calling campaign should be. Mainly, because people spend their hard-earned money more consciously and logically, the price of a product or service breaches hundreds or thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, where the price of a product is drastically low, something around ten dollars, they make a purchase more emotionally, based on features and first impression.

Set a realistic goal. As an example, you want to reach a certain amount of sales each month. Then find out how you need to organize your calling campaign to fulfill this goal. As a result, you’ll be concerned about how many agents you need to have at a time, what type of equipment or software you need to use, and how to comply with time zones and laws. 

Generate leads. In a case of cold calling, you start to call people that don’t know you. It’s hard to make a sale from the first touchpoint when you call for the first time. Build a brand image in the mind of a prospect and interest them in buying your product. Deliver every evidence you can to make them believe you’re accountable.

Make warm-up calls and then sell. Educate your targeted audience with warm-up calls. By warming them up from the first two calls, you can convey them to purchasing starting from the third call. 

Sometimes you can hit the customer in the heart of their needs and desires by making a deal from the first call, but this is a rare thing to happen. It’s better to move in a logical sequence by warming up and then making a sale.

Organize relevant information for calling campaign

You will call your customers based on telemarketing lists. All businesses use their telemarketing list of numbers that they achieved either by their own efforts or list broker. That list of phone numbers you achieved with your efforts has a supreme value over all other types of lists. This is the most trusted and profitable list that you can ever have. 

However, if you have a phone list from your broker, it has to be proven or tested. These days, the relevant and profitable telemarketing list of numbers from a broker is expensive and rare. If you have your personal list broker that furnishes you with relevant telemarketing lists on a regular basis, establish a strong business relationship with him. 

Set everything for agents

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A cloud-based call center software gives you the option to hire remote agents that will sound more natural to customers than others. Consider hiring agents in a country that is targeted for an outbound calling campaign.

Customers indeed like to interact with agents that sound very natural to them. It creates a mood of trust, and your sales will drastically increase. 

If you initiate a new outbound calling campaign, you need to ensure that each agent is ready and has a decent amount of information for the calling campaign. 

Give all necessary information to each agent, so they’re not surprised with questions from customers and deliver only important info to customers. 

Call scripts for agents

Call scripts already helped agents to organize their conversations with customers. Scripts are important not only for newbies but to experienced agents as well. It happens when agents become frustrated, and here’s where a timely call script gives a hand.  

You want to use your staff 100% efficiently and reach your marketing goals as fast as possible. You also want to create a lasting cash flow without burning out your agents. All these little things give you an idea of how to set your calling campaign properly. 

Omnichannel sources of communication are crucial

There are always a certain amount of customers that prefer to reach you via different sources of communication. These sources of communication are more comfortable for them, and you need to follow their needs. The most common sources of communications are:

  • Phone;
  • Web chat;
  • Email;
  • SMS;
  • Chatbot;


One of the most important parts of the calling campaign you need to consider is a legal base. These days, compliance is the requirement, not a suggestion for calling campaigns. 

Breaking compliance in countries, which restricted certain types of calls carries dangerous financial and legal consequences. There are lawsuits each month, where companies lose millions of dollars because of breaking compliance with local regulatory agencies. 


Using proper dialing software is one of the basic requirements for a call center. To successfully reach every prospect or customer you need to consider using one of three dialers:

  • Preview; Preview dialer will give an option to decide whether to call a customer or not, based on the information that is placed. 
  • Power; In the case of calling to warm base, it’s better to use a progressive (power) dialer. This will give time to talk with a customer and convince them to make a purchase. 
  • Predictive. In the case of cold calls, you’re likely to use predictive dialing software. By doing so, you’ll call as many prospects as possible and generate new valuable leads. If you make cold calls to your targeted audience or your audience already knows you and is ready to make a purchase. 
  • Robocalls. Robocalls are one of the most profitable activities in the world in terms of delivering agentless services. When robocalls hit the relevant audience, they skyrocket sales. However, be advised about compliance and regulatory activities that cut down illegal robocalls activities. 

Final statements

Outbound calling campaigns are the single most profitable activity SMBs can use. It’s generated billions of dollars decades ago and is expected to generate even more in the future due to economic transformation. Owners of businesses just need to have a proper strategy to launch their outbound calling campaign successfully, generate leads, create lasting relationships and ROI.