How to create a successful online store

How to create a successful online store

In today’s world virtually every store needs to exist online to be successful. Especially now, during the pandemic, when most of our daily activities and shopping decisions happen when browsing on social media and generally speaking- on the Internet. If you are thinking seriously about your e-commerce business, you should take care of the scalability of your website, the design, app integrations, SEO and marketing automation. There are indeed many aspects to think about when setting up a shop online. Luckily, e-commerce platforms are here to help, offering different features and value, which will help you create successful e-commerce. The most recommended platforms are Shopify, Magento, Wix, Weebly and PrestaShop.

What to consider when developing an online shop and which shopping platform to choose?

1. Understand the needs of your business 

Find out if you need a tailored solution or a simple online store.

2. Choose a right shopping platform for your business

When choosing an e-commerce platform pay attention to the features and options it offers such as scalability, load time, app integrations, available themes and designs, SEO and marketing automation. Our top choice is Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus is recognized as the most flexible, scalable and easiest to integrate with other apps e-commerce platform available on the market. It has the fastest load time and is super easy to set up. Shopify Plus offers a vast selection of designs and themes and has plenty of app integrations (such as courier integrations, parcel lockers, payments, translations and many more), therefore you can personalise your online shop just the way you need. 

3. Find an e-commerce agency

Find an e-commerce agency specialising in development of the shopping platform of your choice. For Shopify implementation choose an agency like Brand Active: With the help of an experienced partner, your business will grow in no time. Develop your online shop from the scratch or improve the e-commerce you already have. Expect an increase in conversions and the improvement of the quality and service of your online store! 

About Brand Active

Brand Active is a reliable Shopify and e-commerce Agency offering services worldwide. The agency creates functional online stores and helps e-commerce businesses grow, offering services from programming to marketing. The company is a Shopify partner which means it offers full Shopify development service. The Shopify-certified programmers from Brand Active develop and modify applications for the individual needs of any business.