How to Capture Your Online Leads Through Your Offline Campaigns

Digital has been dominating the marketing landscape for quite some time. 

No wonder when most people are almost glued to their smartphones, which account for approximately  50% of web traffic globally. And let’s not forget that the other half which comes from desktop and laptop computers. 

However, the social media frenzy, online ads that keep on popping up, as well as a somewhat saturated digital marketing ecosystem, together with the fact that not everybody has completely abandoned their analogue communication channels, means that you can benefit from taping into offline marketing. 

Using traditional methods and campaigns can bring you a surge of online traffic, so here are some tips on how to combine these two approaches to capture some fresh leads. 

1. Business Cards     

“Why do I need a business card when I can simply exchange a phone number with or send a LinkedIn connection request to someone I want to do business with?” you may ask.  

But the thing is that when you meet someone in person, it’s much more memorable, not to mention professional, to offer them your physical business card. 

These little pieces of fine cardboard are attractive, they contain all the relevant information about you and your company, and they might additionally provide some value to your prospect. 

For example, you can also print something of interest to your audience – if you run an e-store, a coupon printed on the back of your business card can be a great way to bring your offline connections to your website. 

Besides having well-designed and engaging business cards, another thing that matters is your pitch. The same old “Here’s my card. Give me a call if you need something,” won’t get you very far, so think of a more creative way to attract your potential customers’ attention. It’s a good idea to share a couple of relevant tips and tricks that they might find helpful, and then offer your card saying something along the lines of “Losing weight is a big challenge, but I’ve helped many people to shed more than just a couple of pounds. I’d be happy to assist you to change your lifestyle.” 

2. Direct Mail 

Almost nobody sends physical letters and cards these days. 

And that’s exactly where a big opportunity lies. 

According to stats, 42.2% direct mail recipients read or at least scan the mail they get. 

Imagine how surprised your prospects would be if they received an attractive catalogue paired with a couple of coupons with generous discounts that they could use in your online store. 

Or, why not send a timely birthday card with a freebie? 

Although this kind of campaign is expensive, it will pay off as

1) people love pleasant surprises

2) people love discounts

3) people simply adore freebies. 

This pricey strategy works particularly well when it comes to re-engaging unresponsive prospects or those that you have lost touch with. 

Add a QR code to your direct mail and invite your offline audience to access your website or online store easily.

3. Industry Events 

Visiting different industry events such as conferences, meet-ups, or trade shows are great for many reasons. 

Not only will you be able to get in touch with your potential customers directly, and be in the loop regarding the latest trends, but you’ll also have an opportunity to keep an eye on what your competitors are up to. 

As for seminars and conferences, you can even apply as a speaker and additionally boost your reputation and authority, which will undoubtedly land you a lot of new website visits as people will want to learn more about you. 

Trade shows will allow you to showcase and sell your products or services, as well as engage in different networking activities. It’s essential to be well prepared and to have an attractive display stand that will attract the attention of your potential customers and business partners. 

Don’t forget visual appeal and aesthetics play an important role when it comes to brand credibility and trustworthiness, so make sure that your booth fits the bill. 

4. Branded Merchandise

Promotional products such as T-shirts, baseball hats, sweaters, bags, pens, mugs, you name it, are an excellent offline marketing tactic. 

First of all, many people gladly wear and use items with the logo of their favourite brand.  Of course, for this strategy to work, you shouldn’t be stingy but opt for high-quality products. Your company name should be only on well-designed and attractive merch. 

And that’s the main factor which decides whether your prospects will use it. 

You should use every opportunity to give away merch and recruit new customers. 

There are two main factors that make this offline strategy effective:

  • The Reciprocity Principle. According to this psychological concept, people will feel almost obliged to make a purchase from you if you give them something for free. 
  • Staying on your prospects’ radar. Pens, mugs, or bags that you give to your prospects and that they use on a daily basis will constantly display your logo and name. Besides, such objects easily end up with their friends and family, thus additionally spreading the word about your brand. Finally, when someone’s using your bag for groceries, they will become somewhat of your walking advertisement. 

5. Guerrilla Marketing 

This cost-effective strategy refers to using some unconventional marketing tactics to promote your brand. 

If you have ever seen a flash mob, then you know what we’re talking about, because it’s just one of many different kinds of guerrilla marketing. 

Of course, you don’t have to be that conspicuous as there are other equally creative offline ways to catch the eye of your prospects:

  • Leaving sticky notes with your website address or QR codes at bars, coffee shops, bus stops, or benches. 
  • Using stencils to write and draw with chalk on a sidewalk – it’s temporary and lasts until the first rain falls down, which means that you won’t break any regulations.   
  • Creative public bus and company car ads. 

The trick is to pick the places that get crowded to boost your brand exposure. 

These simple tactics can help you bring all the prospects you generate through offline campaigns to your online channels and convert them. 

Michael has been working in marketing for almost a decade and has worked with a huge range of clients, which has made him knowledgeable on many different subjects. He has recently rediscovered a passion for writing and hopes to make it a daily habit. You can read more of Michael’s work at Qeedle.