How to Build Links Using Haro (Fast)

Link building makes your content worthy of citation. Thus, it dramatically improves the ranking on search engines like Google and Bing

But link building is surely a tiring process!

There exists various ways that help in earning quality backlinks such as guest posting, building public relations, broken link -building etc. 

But did you know it is possible to build a quality link in ten minutes?  

Using HARO service, link-building becomes a matter of minutes. 

HARO is a popular online platform that brings journalists and news sources (bloggers, businesses, brands, anyone) under the same roof. It is one of the most accessible and quick tools to get your brand featured in the media press.

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In this post I will show you how to use the free and straightforward service of HARO in three simple and quick steps.

Step 1 – Signing up on HARO 

Step 2 – Setting up an email filter

Step 3 – Making the right pitch

Step 1 – Sign up on HARO as a source

Sources look out for reporters’ queries (details about their journalism projects) relevant to the niche of their brand and then pitch them. 

Make a free account on to start receiving PR opportunities everyday directly to your email id.

Step 2 –

90% of the requests your inbox will be flooded with will be irrelevant to your field of concern. 

Check the category in the HARO Master list of industries that is the “Most Relevant” to your industry niche.

Step 3 – Writing a pitch that lands you a link.

Your pitch should have concise reasons as markers for reporters to choose your content for linking. 

Also, keep the responses short.

Be an early respondent to skyrocket the chances of getting your pitch accepted.  

So, a good content does not get unnoticed with this 10 minute backlink formula. HARO makes sure it gets its fair share of traffic by providing quality backlinks.