How SEO Works On Increasing Instagram Followers

In comparison to yesteryears, one can say that Instagram is now one of the most viable platforms for marketing your brand. It is the platform with 1 billion active users which is much more in comparison to other platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter. People are constantly scrolling through the feed. 

If you want to create opportunities for your brand and help it to reach the maximum potential, then you need to adapt techniques of SEO. One must always focus on getting organic traffic on Instagram account. One can also buy real active Instagram followers.

This platform comes with a built-in search function which will act as the mini Google. So here are some ways that will allow you to expand the Instagram reach and gain followers. 

SEO Techniques to Increase Instagram Follower 

  • Optimization: Optimizing the Instagram account is the first step towards getting more Instagram followers. To drive organic traffic towards the Instagram account you need to perform actions like making the profile public, use a colourful brand image on the profile, create a searchable and recognizable username, register for the Instagram business account, include a trackable link in the bio, etc. These steps will help in laying the groundwork before implementing any SEO strategies.
  • Username: Instagram is a self-contained search engine, and hence you need to use correct terms to land in the search bar of other users. Make sure that you are pinpointing all the primary keywords related to your account. If your posts are all about baked goods, then your primary keyword should be associated with the bakery. 

You can also use this primary keyword on a username to get maximum reach. By using the primary keyword in the username, you will get higher chances of getting picked up by Instagram’s algorithm. 

  • Bio: Apart from the primary keyword, one must also consider the secondary keyword. Secondary keywords are topics or phrases that will orbit around the primary keyword. If the primary keyword of your Instagram is the bakery, then the second keyword should be wedding cakes, cupcakes or baked goods. 

Try to craft a fun and informative bio and include keywords that will optimize the search result. It is a great way to reach people who are not directly searching for the primary keyword but has an interest in the products that you are dealing with. 

  • Hashtags: Treat the hashtags like the keywords. After optimizing the Instagram profile your task is to optimize the post. Users won’t discover your Instagram account directly, but they will find you through a specific post or hashtags. Make sure that you have the hashtag strategy. 

The hashtag should be related to the post. It must be post-specific as it will then help in increasing the attracting power and will bring more diverse followers. 

  • Secondary Keywords: Whatever happens on Instagram focuses on keywords because it is a self-contained search engine. By crafting an engaging and compelling caption, one can attract new followers or satisfy the existing ones. By using the perfect caption, one will not only grab the attention of the users but will also show up in the search result of other users. Try to optimize the hashtags and bio with the secondary keywords.
  • Alt-Text: Instagram provides a new feature known as alt text that will allow users to get captions for their posts. It has been designed for users who are visually impaired. After crafting the alt text, one can share the photo. It will allow the post to rank better according to the algorithm and also optimize the post for voice search. 
  • Analytics: Instagram strategy will impact the goals of social media. It offers Insights, a built-in analytic feature that will allow you to get a diverse range of data. Analytics will help you to track the success of the new SEO strategy implemented on your Instagram and will help you to refine the content accordingly. 
  • Avoid Black Hat SEO: Google is not the only website that can spot users who implement the tactics of black hat SEO. Instagram has started to crack down the users that are trying to cheat their system. According to, SEO is an investment and not just a mere expense.

Things that one must not do on Instagram are keyword stuffing, use of bots or steal content. SEO strategy is designed for long-term, so sometimes it might seem to be a bit frustrating not to see immediate results, but it is going to bring organic reach in the long run. 

Investigate your Competitors Profile 

Truly outstanding and simple to get more devotees is by searching out your rivals. Focus on the crowd of your rivals and show your items or administration like your rivals in light of the fact that these people groups have just demonstrated their advantage. 

The essential inquiry here emerges as “How you will connect with your crowd?” 

The appropriate responses are so straightforward. There are numerous approaches to connect with the crowd, the more exertion you made, the more clients you will lock-in. 

There are the accompanying three kinds of commitment on Instagram: 

  • Follow as a User 
  • Like a Photo 
  • Remark on a Photo 

There are numerous tests and hypotheses that show that more exertion you make the more outcomes you will get. 

Influencer Marketing 

Influencers go hard to advance things and as they have a solid base of supporters, they will love to get notification from them about you. You can impact your business speciality to give a survey of your administration and item since it will assist you with gaining leads. 

On the off chance that they post a pertinent post of your business for their own, their devotees will like that post and offer it on their profiles moreover. It will give you a decent presentation on Instagram and you will get devotees. Notice by an acclaimed influencer will affect capably for your business or individual profile and you will pick up devotees quickly.


Try to adopt all the SEO techniques mentioned above to reach to your potential followers. Without proper SEO even if your content is good, you won’t be able to get the limelight you deserve. 

Instagram is a platform that is allowing budding businesses and influencers to try some unconventional strategies to achieve success. The way to success on Instagram is easy if you are deploying the right SEO techniques.