How Quora Helps Social Media Marketing?

If you have ever been to Quora, you must have seen how the community helps people to grow. You only post a question, and people start offering you help through the answers. While giving the answers, you also have the opportunity to add the source link of your website and increase its credibility. 

Quora has more than 300 million visitors, and it’s on top of Pinterest and Twitter. People from all over the world add their opinions to help others. 

So, if you don’t use Quora, here’s why you should start using it and how it helps your marketing efforts. 

1 Helps in Research

The platform has over ten thousand topics, and it’s considered best for content marketing. From basic to advanced research, add any question to the forum, and you can receive suggestions from experts’ content marketers or internet marketing specialists.

Not only content marketing, but it also helps in making your research papers and giving you weightage in your research. If a group of people ask your help on specific questions, you can also help them and also introduce your brand in between. 

2 Boost your Brand 

When we think of digital marketing, the first platforms to come to mind are Facebook and Instagram. We often neglect Quora, Pinterest and LinkedIn but to be very honest, these platforms are the gold of content marketing. 

For example, every brand wants to boost its credibility by building relationships with their audience and offering quality services to the people. They look for forums where they can introduce their business to the people by helping others. 

With consistent help, you can become an expert in the niche, and make your brand noteworthy. You can build your community by engaging people with your brand and giving them the solutions.

3 Improves your SEO

To increase the SEO of your website, your priority is the backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the better will be the website’s domain authority.

By giving answers to the questions, you have the chance to redirect traffic on your site. For example, if you’re helping people to find the best content marketing courses, you can recommend the article to read from your website. This link building will increase your website and give you the edge to grow. When you give the answers, you also boost your brand and make it above the ladder.

4 Find New Talent

If your business is in search of creative talents such as digital marketers, writers or researchers, then you can also get it through Quora. Or even if you are looking for the candidates for your social media jobs then the platform can also be helpful to find it.

You can also get some freelancers who are also enthusiastic about building their reputation and are available for the service-based task. Not only this, you can also find other limitless opportunities to boost your brand.

5 Get the Facts

When we are writing a research paper or building some marketing strategies, we want to cite it with the right facts and research and some of the statistics aren’t widely available on the Internet.

But on Quora, you can get some interesting stories, right facts and research stats from the people who had travelled the path. What can be greater? 

Build your Quora Profile

By building a strong Quora profile, you also build an asset for your company. For example, people finding you on Quora can be impressed by your strong profile and might end up giving new opportunities to you.  

So always:

  • Add details to your profile
  • Add an enticing bio and call-to-action
  • Interlink your answers to the right question
  • Keep supporting other brands and collaborate with them so you’ll increase more opportunities for your brand.

People following you on Quora can also get to your website and interact with you. It’s the best platform to help your marketing efforts and grow your brand following. 

Facebook and Instagram, however, are the leading brands, but once you start creating your brand worth on Quora, you’ll notice the difference. 

Have you ever used Quora for your marketing? How does it help your brand?

Author Bio:

Yasir Ayub is a digital marketing strategist and digital content producer at Branex Inc. He started his career as a technology blogger and a content writer.