How Professionals and Business can succeed with paytrace payment gateway

All you need to know about PayTrace Payment gateway

Do you think of a convenient way to ease the process of payment? Well, the PayTrace payment gateway is an answer to this. The PayTrace gateway Magento extension is fully loaded with functionalities and services. Magento 2 extensions for PayTrace payment gateway processes the payment using Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB credit cards, MasterCard.

The redirection to different pages or applications for payment procedure has been laid down for some business. The Magento 2 Module takes care of this and allows the payments to be processed in the checkout page and gives the required response.

Checkout process made easy:

No more redirecting to other sites for payments.  Mobile payments can be easily done with this Magento 2 extension.

Different modes of payment:

The consumer can choose any one of the following methods to pay for the products:

  • E-check
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

These different methods give a user-friendly platform of payment.

Store and manage your details safely:

The PayTrace gateway Magento extension gives the user the freedom to save and manage their payment details for future orders.

Refund Process: 

A refund for the orders can be initiated partially or fully depending on the admin.

Advantages of adding PayTrace Payment Gateway to your business

Equipment Costs are reduced:

All you need to handle Visa, cheque, and gift voucher payments using a Magento 2 PayTrace gateway is a web-enabled system. Moreover, different users can access the PayTrace account simultaneously from different places like in the workplace, at home, or outside. 

Processing Costs

The Visa business charges the users for each transaction by a credit card. PayTrace’s gateway extension can provide the most proficient method to lower the processing costs. Some of the named features are AVS match evaluation, Level II (business), and Level III (buying) data processing. 

Work More Efficiently 

The Magento module provides you with various functionalities to save and record all your transactions on the e-commerce store. Users can check anytime and track all the transactions done whether online or cash.

Better Security 

By utilizing a PayTrace payment gateway, you don’t need to store cardholder information locally. You will likewise have the option to control your PayTrace account by giving exceptional IDs and passwords. Paytrace gateway offers you a secure platform free of fraud and saves your data safely. 

How can a professional build a successful business with this?

Simple integration of the PayTrace Gateway can be done by using a simple API interface. Payments can be accepted from mobile phones, tablets, or personal computers. Businesses can purchase cards at the lowest rates in the marketplace. Every consumer wants a secure platform for its data and Magento 2 Extension stores valuable customer data that has payment information and order details.

It gives the platform to view transaction details and receipts for orders. Users can be permitted to store data and update their details as required. PayTrace’s Gateway includes security features in various pricing plans namely Basic, Pro, and Cash advanced plans. The data is encrypted and stored in data facilities, not on the network. 

Some of the add-ons that help you increase your business:

  • The only thing required for the Magento PayTrace Gateway is a unique User ID and password.
  • With the use of this extension, it makes a smooth task for the customers who buy items from an e-commerce store.  
  • The buyer does not have to redirect to other pages, which makes the website more responsive and user-friendly.
  • This Magento extension helps to build a connection between Magento 2 store and the PayTrace card processing services. 

What are the basic core values a business requires?

Following is a list of expectations from a business:


The e-commerce store should be responsive and fulfill the requirements of the consumers.    

Industry skills

The business owner should be familiar with the market updates and keep its online store ready for any challenges.


Any e-commerce store needs innovations to stand out from the crowd.

Decision Makers

The business requires Professionals that can make decisions in any situation. Decision-makers play the most important part of the growth of the business.


Sometimes business promotions bring more customers to your store. Professionals can give deals, promo codes and discounts to invite more consumers to the e-commerce store.

PayTrace permits e-commerce business stores to make online payments a secure and safe place for transactions. It is PCI approved and offers complete payment processing solutions for customers. The information of the client is locked and saved inside a 3 Tier security layer and is offered with encoded card readers. No extra charges for the storage of the buyer’s profile in the PCI database. A unique Consumer ID is made which is supported by multiple authentications. Integrated security tools to identify any fraud or theft online. Such beneficial things make your store more trustworthy and reliable for the customers. These responsive e-commerce websites bring more consumers and increase your business globally. 

Still, Looking for an answer?

Every one of the above-discussed features must be available at one stop. Still, picking a payment gateway is yet a complicated task. Watching the reviews, many have suggested that Magento 2 PayTrace Gateway extension is the best Magento extension for online payments. 

Customers consistently prefer an online store where buying experience is responsive and produces satisfactory results. The payments are effectively done from the checkout page immediately. The long waiting and tedious procedure of payments have been removed, the Magento extensions give the best e-commerce shopping experience.

We may be the answers to all your questions. A comprehensive guide to the PayTrace payment gateway can help you resolve all your doubts. We can help you and take care of all the requirements that you demand. The payment gateways are important nowadays and a responsive e-commerce store can bring a lot of buyers to your business. The market fluctuates details and it’s necessary to be updated and be ready for what is coming in the future. Be it security, data storage, ease of access, pricing, and recent updates Magento 2 Extensions has it all.