How Much Budget Do You Need for Content Marketing?

How Much Budget Do You Need for Content Marketing?

You know your content marketing strategy will positively impact your marketing goals and business bottom line.

But, how much budget do you need to make sure your content marketing is effective enough? There are two perspectives when it comes to the content marketing budget: Invest more and gain more

– The more layered, the better supported by technology, and the more skill you have going into your content creation, the greater potential impact. Content marketing can be extremely cost-effective so harness that advantage

– Part of the power of content marketing is its ability to deliver cost-effective results.

Content marketing costs 62 per cent less than outbound yet generates three times as many leads. It also drives conversion rates that are six times higher than other marketing methods. Both of these budget perspectives are true. With a large budget, you can invest in better technology to make your strategy more effective. You can keep up with (and reap the rewards of) the big-hitting content marketing tactics like influencer marketing and experiential marketing. But, there’s also a lot you can do with a small budget, even as a tiny startup. When you have the budget to move beyond blogs, social media and explainer videos, you can start moving into creating a multi-dimensional brand ‘world’ that your audience can not just buy from, but also become a part of. This is where you’ll find not just your traffic and lead generation numbers rising but also your loyalty metrics.