How Digital Marketing Is Changing the Wellness Game

How Digital Marketing Is Changing the Wellness Game

For as long as people have been selling their goods they’ve used some form of marketing to get the customer’s attention. Whether it’s someone yelling in the street, spinning a sign, making a TV commercial, or working with an elite athlete or celebrity, marketing is a key component of success for every business. The advent of digital marketing has challenged businesses to adapt, including wellness-oriented companies. Here’s how digital marketing is making big changes in the wellness game.

Educating Consumers

One huge benefit of digital marketing is that it allows companies to reach more consumers to educate them about unique products. Wellness products are not always a straightforward sale and often require adherence to strict usage instructions in order to see the best results. Digital marketing has helped businesses utilize new techniques to get the necessary information out there.

Traditional marketing limited the scope of storytelling and education due to its limited space and time constraints. Digital marketing has unlocked new avenues when it comes to unveiling state-of-the-art products that no one has ever seen before.  For example, Le-Vel Thrive uses digital marketing to help potential customers understand that their nutrition-boosting thrive patch is vastly different from other similar-sounding products.

Starting Conversations

Whether it’s mental or physical wellness, or a combination of the two, digital marketing is helping businesses start important conversations around complex and eye-opening topics. Marketing online and through social media creates space for consumers to talk to brands and talk to each other about their struggles and journeys.

These aren’t manufactured or staged events like they might have been in the past. Instead, brands can nurture authentic social media profiles where the line between marketing and genuine conversation is purposely blurred. Consumers have the opportunity to comment on and share interesting products and informational posts from their favorite brands and start more conversations in their own channels.

Building Communities

Digital marketing is a more holistic practice than traditional marketing because it focuses on building communities of advocates instead of prioritizing one-to-one sales. This has impacted the wellness industry by helping brands and companies spread their messages and attract like-minded individuals from a broad consumer base. In this way, the wellness industry has experienced a boom in the Age of Technology.

People rarely meet their wellness goals on their own. They rely on motivation, inspiration, and information from a widespread community of people who all want the same thing. In the past it was difficult to find authentic information and genuine people, but the internet has changed that. The possibilities of connectivity are endless, and wellness brands can now actively participate in building communities around their products, missions, and visions.

Raising the Standards

Another way that digital marketing has changed the wellness industry is by raising the standards of doing business in every way possible. From customer service to product development and online ads, the digital space is the great equalizer.

Indie products can now go up to bat with long standing industry giants if they have the right digital marketing strategy in hand. Because consumers can review and comment on products and services in realtime, wellness companies have to ensure that they launch with the highest quality possible. There’s little room for error when your efforts are visible by everyone.

Making Global Connections

Online marketing has allowed wellness brands to reach audiences they never could have imagined. Consumers have the world at their fingertips, and by tapping into the pulse of online wellness communities, brands are expanding their markets overseas.

Global connections also bring new opportunities for brand partnerships and vendor relations. All of this is facilitated by digital marketing, including websites, online video content, social media profiles, and more.

The wellness industry continues to grow every year because consumers want to make mental and physical health their priority. New companies entering the wellness space are using digital marketing to make a splash in the industry, and it looks like this isn’t going to change any time soon.