How can your website be a remarkable part of your revenue generation?

You have a great website and a fair traffic drive but are you still lagging behind? Or let’s say you have an excellent website plan but, you don’t have any clue how to earn significant revenue from it.

Whatever it may be! Now you can monetize significantly employing the best website monetization strategies on websites and keep earning seamlessly. 

Start Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means getting paid when other brands’ products have been sold. Adopting affiliates are like establishing relationships with different brands and advertise their products on your website. 

Suppose you are beauty & lifestyle blogger and in your latest blog you have spoken about “Simple & Easy Wedding Looks”. So, around that area, you can set up affiliate links of beauty & wellness brands’ product. In this way, your interested viewers can make purchases as per their desire. Hence, each time a viewer makes any purchase through your link, you will be earning a commission. Thus Affiliate links work very effectively when your website has a vast audience network, and your website is pretty popular. 

A few Popular Affiliate networks are:

  • ShareASale
  • Amazon Associates
  • Travelpayouts
  • Clickbank
  • Rakuten Linkshare
  • Avangate
  • AvantLink

Start offering memberships

When you have a pretty good website with fair traffic drive, why not start a membership? You can easily do that with a WordPress membership plugin. Membership contents are soundly popular nowadays. The entire site would be free only a few sections you would be available for a select view for members only. As you have come a long way and have a separate audience base for loyal ones when you introduce membership, a section would be readily interested in your offer. But again, while setting up the membership costs and criteria, you must do rigorous background research. This monetization method solely depends on your traffic and on your wish too while setting it up. 

Few examples of membership websites are


Sell your Advertising Space

Straight away sell you advertisement space and monetize your website seamlessly. There are many brands and business entities who would like to deal directly with the publishers about buying advertising space. If you get hold of the big project, it will turn out to be really profitable to you. And while comparing with Google Adsense, you can earn 50% more by selling your ad space to the brands. The rate of profit is quite large as compared to Adsense rates. 

Few advertising networks where could sell ad space is

  • Adsella
  • PublicityClerks
  • Adengage

Go for Sponsored Contents

Sponsored content is a great way of making good money from your website. You must have noticed while going through various sites that particular bloggers or websites use specific brands, particularly while talking, comparing or something else. Have you ever thought about why? Obviously, those brands have sponsored those post for those blogs or websites. A sponsored post can be written by also or can be provided by the brand too. All you have to do is publish that article in one section of the website. You must be very careful about the sponsored post, as it should be relevant to your website content and image. Depending on the page views of your site, say 5000 views per month, you can earn around 10-200 USD per post. 

Plan for selling your Own Digital Product

As you have running a website for so long, you have a good amount of content. Now, why not utilize it in the right way. All the viewers don’t like to go through the various post and find out answers for their queries on your websites. Some people even want it ready to use and offline contents. In that case, you can offer an extra option to them by catering digital products which they can own. You can transform your valuable content into audiobooks, Ebooks, videos and extra which would be chargeable. Hence the audience who wants to download your specific contents can buy those for some price. For example, if you are running a motivational & inspiration themed website, you could compile a few materials, e.g. “100 Reasons to Stay Happy Always” as an ebook and display it for buying. 

Pick the right monetization strategy for your website and make money efficiently.