FreshLearn Review In 2022: The Essential Guide To FreshLearn

FreshLearn Review In 2022: The Essential Guide To FreshLearn

The online learning industry is at an all-time high. According to a study, it’s estimated that its size surpassed $315 billion in 2021. And why not? If there’s one thing that the internet has rightly glorified, it’s the need for incessant learning and upskilling. Today, whether it’s a working professional or a small-time entrepreneur – everyone wants to expand their skill set so that they don’t get left behind in this fast-pacing world. Adding to this is another fact that unlike a decade ago, today, education is accessible to everyone. So now, people are just a course away from calling themselves a “digital marketer”, a “food blogger”, or even an “MBA” sitting right at their homes! And who wouldn’t want that, right? 

While this learning frenzy is healthy for a person’s career, it’s actually nothing short of exceptionally lucrative for any creator who fancies making a few bucks out of his knowledge. Yet, picking an ideal course creation platform to begin with is not easy, thanks to the gazillion options available out there. But let’s see – when starting out with something new, you’d definitely want something that’s easy to use and pocket friendly, no? So well, we’ve got your back. Read this blog as here, we talk about one of the emerging sensations of the online course creation industry, FreshLearn, and discuss its features in detail.

About FreshLearn – What Is It?

If you’re thinking FreshLearn is only an online deck for building ecourses, you might want to think again.

An all-in-one suite for creators, FreshLearn does far more than help you create courses that sell. Yes, that’s true. Right from helping you with the ins and outs of online course creation and memberships to letting you build a custom, personal online learning platform from scratch – FreshLearn enables you to do everything in a snap! 

In fact, not just memberships, with FreshLearn by your side you can also;

  • Create and sell Cohort-based courses, Digital downloads, and Masterclasses
  • Create your own incredible Website
  • Get a Custom Domain to your name
  • Launch your Blogs
  • Host Videos
  • Design Certificates
  • Conduct Assignments 
  • Create Coupons and Discount codes
  • and much more!

Now, isn’t that amazing?

How Does FreshLearn Help Creators?

FreshLearn may be a new entrant in the world of online courses. But it sure did its research quite well. 

The software, its features, its interface – every aspect of FreshLearn pays special attention to one thing – being creator-friendly. Not just this, right from getting you started with creating the course to actually helping you sell and make money out of it – FreshLearn eases your creator journey at every step. With FreshLearn, creators can;

  • Create and sell courses, memberships, and more in any language
  • Make the content more engaging with the Gamification feature
  • Conduct assessments without any hassle
  • Launch their course chapters on specific dates via the Drip Content feature
  • Make video viewing mandatory for important lessons via the Compliance feature
  • Send personalized emails to students 
  • Set up their own brand by uploading logos and choosing a custom color theme 
  • Receive student reports and analytics from time to time
  • Integrate with third-party apps like Slack, Dropbox, Hubspot, and more
  • Launch their very own email campaigns for better reach
  • Receive payments directly to their integrated Stripe/Paypal/Razorpay wallet
  • Build a strong community of creators and learners

Creator-friendly to the core, isn’t it?

FreshLearn Review: A Quick Guide To Its Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing

Now, let’s hop in and find out everything about FreshLearn that you need to know before finally joining the platform.


The creator-favorite platform for online course creation and selling, FreshLearn comes with a range of colossal features. Some of the top features include;

  1. No-coding platform: With FreshLearn, you can create your own, personal online learning platform without having to code it bit by bit.
  2. Course customization: FreshLearn enables you to customize your course as you like. In fact, you can also embed videos, quizzes, audio, and more to teach your lessons your way.
  3. Payment integrations: Thanks to payment integrations, FreshLearn allows you to receive your payments directly to your Paypal/Stripe/Razorpay wallet.
  4. Membership site builder: Membership sites can also be built via FreshLearn. Not just that, you can also create courses and coupons just as easily.
  5. Drip Course Content: FreshLearn also allows you to plan and release your lesson in small chunks to make learning more effective and systematic.


For accessing the basic features, you have to pay nothing – it’s all free! However, if you want to get your hands on advanced features like White Label Domain, you can get the “Pro” plan at just $25/month. For unlocking more features like Gamification, Bulk Actions, and Question Bank, there’s the “No Brainer” available at just $41/month.

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential aspect that plays a vital role in deciding the overall efficiency of any software. Safe to say, FreshLearn doesn’t disappoint in this matter either;

  • FreshLearn provides 24×7 live customer support
  • It hosts an academy to guide its users about its features
  • FreshLearn also has a YouTube dedicated to solving user queries through how-to videos
  • FreshLearn offers free account migration service to ensure content safety while transfer 

Pros & Cons

Here’s a quick synopsis of the pros and cons of FreshLearn:


  • FreshLearn has a super intuitive UI that makes it easy to use
  • The platform allows the hosting of unlimited paid courses
  • It lets you gamify your courses to make them more interactive
  • Offers engaging customization of videos like Netflix
  • Zero commission is charged on sales
  • Allows hassle-free creation of discount codes and coupons
  • Pay as you go – you don’t need to pay until you make your first $
  • FreshLearn allows hassle-free creation of discount codes and coupons
  • It offers complete account migration, taking care of all your data
  • It is optimized for mobile devices too
  • Provides 24/7 customer support


  • The free plan charges a transaction fee of $1 + 9% per transaction

What Makes FreshLearn Better Than Most Other Online Course Creation Platforms?

Thinkific, Teachable, and Kajabi are the three top names that are sure to pop up when looking online for the best platforms for building and selling ecourses. So, let’s do a super quick comparative analysis to find out what makes FreshLearn a superb alternative to some of the top platforms out there;

FreshLearn Vs. Thinkific

#1. Pricing

  • FreshLearn offers its Pro plan only for $29/month and Advanced plan for $59/month
  • Thinkific charges $99/month for its Pro plan and $499/month for its Advanced plan

#2. Customer Support

  • FreshLearn provides both email and live chat support across all plans
  • Thinkific doesn’t provide email or live chat support

#3. Mobile App

  • FreshLearn is available on both Android and iOS
  • Thinkific is only available on iOS
  1. FresLearn Vs. Kajabi

#1. Pricing

  • FreshLearn offers its Pro plan only for $29/month and Advanced plan for $59/month
  • Kajabi charges $199/month for its Pro plan and $399/month for its Advanced plan

#2. Customer Support

  • FreshLearn provides both email and live chat support across all plans
  • Kajabi provides email support for all users and live chat support for only higher plan users

#3. Mobile App 

  • FreshLearn is available on both Android and iOS
  • Kajabi is only available on iOS

FreshLearn Vs. Teachable

#1. Pricing

  • FreshLearn offers its Pro plan only for $29/month and Advanced plan for $59/month
  • Teachable charges $119/month for its Pro plan and $299/month for its Advanced plan

#2. Customer Support

  • FreshLearn provides both email and live chat support across all plans 
  • Teachable doesn’t provide email or live chat support

#3. Mobile App

  • FreshLearn is available on both Android and iOS. 
  • Teachable is only available on iOS.

Bottom Line

Getting started with selling online courses can be overwhelming. But with FreshLearn, it’s all a breeze and now you also know why.

So, don’t waste your time on any other platform. Visit FreshLearn and start your free trial today

Common FAQs

Q1. Is FreshLearn a marketplace for online courses?

  • No. FreshLearn is a platform for creating and selling online courses, digital downloads, and other digital products.

Q2. What products can I sell on FreshLearn?

  • On FreshLearn, you can sell all kinds of digital products including online courses, memberships, masterclasses, and more.

Q3. Does FreshLearn offer a free plan?

  • Yes. For the basic features, FreshLearn charges no monthly/annual fees – it’s totally free of cost!