Email Marketing vs.SMS Marketing

Email Marketing vs.SMS Marketing

You can market your products and services to your customers in many ways. Email and SMS marketing are some of the easiest and most direct ways to do so. Email marketing persuades your target customers to engage with your business through customized and detailed messages.

On the other hand, SMS marketing uses text messages to communicate important information to potential clients. However, customers typically withhold sensitive data, including mobile numbers, from companies unless necessary. Therefore, many see this tactic as a more personal approach to marketing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages both marketing strategies bring to the table?

Email Marketing Pros and Cons

Email marketing allows you to personalize your messages and reach a vast network of clients on a budget. It delivers the perfect message to your customers as they interact with you. Measuring your campaign’s success rate is also easy with email analytics software. 

However, this marketing strategy has drawbacks. Google’s filtering system can mark your emails as spam if you haven’t configured your email domain properly, wasting your efforts to engage with them. 

You must also be consistent and have a good enough email list to maximize and succeed in email campaigns. The email’s design can also help attract customers and maintain your competitiveness.

SMS Marketing Pros and Cons

Meanwhile, SMS marketing provides a greater reach since almost everyone has a mobile phone. The open rate is also higher because people look through SMS messages more often than emails. This marketing tactic is permission-based; in other words, you can make interactions more direct and personal.

Despite its benefits, the most apparent disadvantage of SMS marketing is its limited message length and visuals. Cramming information and making an appealing text becomes challenging.

Moreover, the timing of sending an SMS also matters. Your customers may not appreciate the message if you send them during an inappropriate time. Seeing customer engagement in your SMS campaigns may be more difficult than email marketing.

Read the infographic below to learn more about email and SMS marketing.