Electricians Marketing 2021 : A Guide to Digital Advertising Strategies

With the introduction of new technologies that alter and evolve the trend of society and consumer culture, people of trades need to step up their game and try to develop a social business presence through digital marketing. Not in the way that they leave their offline routes, but to combine these two styles so that business can bloom.

Take a look at some tips offered to electricians looking to outsource their business online, they are not tough steps to follow rather, they are simple and deliberate

Build a Firm Foundation on Your Identity

First step to creating an online reputation is by creating your own website. Social media presence is important in this digital age, beginning by creating social media accounts too. As for building your reputation offline, printing business cards, posters and flyers contributes to creating awareness about your business’s  existence. The following are measures typically completed by startups :-

Mirror your Business by Creating a Website

The website is your brainchild, Mike sure it is accessible in both mobile and desktop. Fill it with informative descriptions about your business, it should not be slow to load and last but not the least including user-friendly features gives it an edge apart from common websites. The bare minimum first time audience would need is information on :-

  • Your past experience with the trade
  • The services you seek to provide
  • Service area
  • Contact information

Establish Your Business Ranking

Google is one of the search engines behind the system of online marketing, with its niche symptoms. The social signals are a part of how google chooses your rank. Social signals may be your new website, or a business page on Facebook, LinkedIn and once you get the hangs of it, Twitter!  Each of these social media companies has got their individual system of communication. Knowing them opens up a door to engaging yourself with audiences according to their needs which allows customers to give feedback in return so long as the general audience is established.

Get a Head Start with SEO Marketing

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an online website generator which allows certain registered websites to surface to high ranks in the algorithm. This is dependent on customer reviews, Search rankings, and how frequently customers visit the website.

  • First, create your business rank by adding your business address in Google Maps
  • Using main keywords of your business name helps boost your rank, in exchange your NAP (Name, address & phone number) but it’s a fair balance between the rank boost
  • Try updating your NAP list so that you can use keywords focused on your business name again. This is done so to keep consistent effort on maintaining the rank boost

Unlock Complete Potential of Your Google Business Listing

A pro tip would be to complete each answer Google asks as more information about your business surfaces, the better chances of reaching a higher ranking. The list of questions required to be answered to google is below, so click to read more

  • Your Phone number
  • Your Business address
  • Your Website address (in URL)
  • Your Business hours
  • Your Business categories
  • The detail of your business
  • Your Profile image
  • Your Business description
  • Reviews
  • Question and answer

Additionally, using the right categories can bring your business closer to recognition, try Electrical engineering, Electrician, Electrical Supply Store etc. Add smart features like Message and Booking for customers who request direct contact, the same for Question And Answer feature and answer the most common/popular questions asked.

Quick Replies Show Efficient Business Communication

In order to present quick contact between yourself and customers, add a web chat feature that is accessible in both forms of mobile app and website link. Good service makes the difference between good business and smart business, quite literally being at the beck and call of your customers during urgent times being punctual or formulating the time limit as to when you should answer a customer’s questions and concerns.

Customer Review : A Crucial Game Changer

When customers write feedback on the service or product provided by the host, this is called customer review. Their review is based on parameters such as comfort, satisfaction, durability, etc. this is an important section of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Reviews can be written in Google and this is called Google Review, it allows businesses to request for written reviews this in turn helps encourage your customer to offer reviews. Some of the platforms for sharing reviews are mentioned below, click to read more

  • Facebook
  • Yelp reviews
  • Angie’s list
  • Porch
  • HomeAdviser

Additionally, reviews can be received through e-mail after a service has been fulfilled or delivering a product. It is done face-to-face through business cards.

Pro tip : respond quickly if you receive a negative response

Building Blocks of Citations

Citations are special or just normal mentions about your business. Some of the examples of citations are : Directories, Associations, Websites, and many more. Here are some cherry-picked examples made especially for electrician business :-

  • Local.yahoo.com
  • Electrician Networks
  • Yellow pages
  • Superpages
  • Manga
  • BBB
  • HomeAdviser

Getting cited brings in potential long term customers into your business. It allows you to represent your business’s  credibility as the partners  vouch in your stead.

Start a Blog About Your Electrical Business

This can be a scheme related to content marketing for your overall business strategy and this does increase your chances of picking up Search rankings. Keeping in mind the specifics of your message which is making electrical marketing content for your customers, hence, laying out written content layman style. Example : everyday appliances, safety tools and tips etc.

Networking to Increase Exposure

Gaining exposure is a sure way of gaining recognition from the target audience, by building partnerships with local businesses and teams under the same umbrella of electrical line work. By working under people who hire electricians for or under company (electrical contractors) can help in getting recommended to their list of clientele. Joining like-minded people adds up to your business image, in associations such as :-

  • National electrical contractors Association (NECA)
  • Independent Contractors Association (IECA)
  • Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA)

Establishing Paid Advertisement Campaigns

On Facebook, there is a term called Pay Per Price (PPP) where Google is responsible for bringing in traffic and leads them into your website. Along with new customers, you get paid for every dollar you spend for the advertising role.

Hence, slowly but surely by following this formula of tips and hacks you can build your own brand and business. There is uncertainty in the customer pool and market but this is a general idea of how to start your electrical marketing business without a hitch.

Author Bio:-

Billy is a marketing manager at EZ Restoration USA.she loves to write about plumbing services, Water Damage Repair, slab leak repair, Hydro Jetting and AC & Appliance Installation San Diego.


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