Effective way to generate leads from social media

In today’s day and age, Social media marketing has become an extremely integral part of any marketing plan. The range of demographic present in the cyber space has increased so much over the years that you will find people from different age groups, income groups, and interest groups on the same platform. Thus, when it comes to generating leads for a business, social media can be utilized for advertising and awareness, as well as enquiries and converting leads into actual sales. Some tools and tricks that can be used to effectively generate leads from social media are:

1. Crowdsourcing Content and encouraging interaction:

When a business isolates itself from its potential customers/ followers, it starts losing touch with what works in the market and what doesn’t. It is very important to involve the crowd on social media in your daily activities as this gives them a sense of belonging. Encouraging involvement doesn’t always have to happen with the intention of making a sale; sometimes the motive could also be to expand the reach of the business by capturing followers from different segments. This could be done through putting out content that people are most likely to share, asking for people’s opinions, and keeping an eye on what’s trending.

2. Keep your Social media active and visual:

Social media is a very visual medium. Since there is a large number of people on the internet today, the content that you generate should stand out. And so, it is important to capture the interest of the readers/ followers by using pictures, videos, and gifs. Being frequent with your posting is also a must as you do not want to be forgotten by the people. Make sure people remember your brand at crucial times by positioning yourself strongly in their minds through visual representation of content.

3. Indirect Selling:

People are a part of social networking sites for various reasons. As a way to expand your potential customer base, a business could tap the cluster of people who are on social networking sites for personal reasons and not professional ones by indirectly placing your brand information into entertaining content through different portals. For this to be done, the indirect content being put out needs to be in sync with your brand and the inclusion of brand information has to be subtle.

4. Groups/ Community discussions:

All social networking sites consist of groups and communities with different interests varying from small to large in size. In social media marketing, it is important to extract maximum attention from the groups related to your company’s interest by posting updates regularly on these groups. Social media management consists of systematically spreading useful information without spamming others.

5. Content should be optimized/ sponsored:

Have you ever been on Facebook and suddenly seen a post from a page that you didn’t like/ subscribe to with a tag of ‘sponsored’ on the top? Well, this is a sponsored post for which a monetary compensation has to be paid. A sponsored post reaches a wide range of people within the required demographic and interest group. This is one of the most used feature in social media marketing. Any interesting information that is sure to bring in more leads, should be sponsored and optimized as this will be shown to people who haven’t engaged with your business in the past and might be interested to or have similar interests as your brand.

6. Keeping an eye on Competition and trends:

It helps to stay informed about what strategies your competitors have been using to attract leads. Social media marketing doesn’t have any particular formula for success. It is a creative medium which needs to be made interesting for it to connect with people. A lot of eyeballs can be grabbed by following what’s trending. It helps to try and interweave your motives with what’s currently in the news to generate maximum benefit and attention.

7. Live-streaming/ Other useful social media tools:

Social media needs to be smoothly incorporated into your day-to-day marketing functions. Any marketing efforts taken in outside of the cyber-space should be spoken about online. Live-streaming is a concept in which an event can be captured live online as and when it takes place. A social networking site should be optimized completely for the best results for lead generation.

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