Effective Digital Marketing Advice for London Restaurants

Effective Digital Marketing Advice for London Restaurants

Restaurant businesses have been some of the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the restaurant industry in the U.K. was already grappling with the implications of Brexit, the novel coronavirus created new challenges for business owners. 

Nationwide lockdowns and social distancing regulations made on-premise dining a distant reality. The good news is that these restrictions have compelled consumers to gravitate towards online ordering.

That, in turn, emphasizes the need for restaurants in London to bolster their online presence. Whether you’re running a fine dining restaurant or a fast-food joint, you need a strong digital marketing strategy to attract and retain customers.

You could consider working with a company that specializes in restaurant marketing in London. They’ll help you identify the needs and preferences of your target consumers. Also, they’ll handhold you through the process of building brand awareness across various online channels.

Even if you’re working with a digital marketing agency, it’s a good idea to develop a firm understanding of various strategies and best practices. Between social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and display ads, there are several ways to market your London restaurant business on the internet.

In this blog, we’ll discuss a few useful restaurant marketing techniques that can fortify your digital marketing strategy. Let’s get started.

1. Revamp Your Website

In 2021, you don’t need someone to lecture you on the importance of creating a business website. Whether you’re looking to build your brand or generate revenue through online orders, a website is integral to your digital marketing strategy.

However, most restaurants make the mistake of creating poorly designed websites with outdated information. While such websites worked in the past, they won’t make the cut in 2021 and beyond.

That’s because 88% of consumers go online to research a brand and its products/services before making an in-store purchase. That means your website deserves as much importance as your restaurant’s storefront.

Start by checking whether your website is mobile-responsive. If that isn’t the case, use a responsive theme to ensure that your website delivers a flawless user experience across all devices. Also, check your website’s speed and make sure it loads fast on every device.

Enhance your website’s visual appeal by adding high-quality photographs of the dishes served at your restaurant. Use clear and crisp copy to further engage website visitors. Check your website architecture to find out whether it’s easily navigable.

2. Prioritize Local SEO

Restaurant owners in London can’t ignore the importance of SEO. It isn’t simply a tool for getting more organic website visitors. You can also use SEO to drive more footfall in your restaurant.

A robust local SEO strategy will ensure that your website grabs a top position in organic search listings for “restaurants near me” and similar queries. 

The first step is to identify keywords with local intent that are relevant to your business. If you own a quick-service restaurant in Kensington, you can target the following local keywords:

  • Fast-food restaurants in Kensington
  • Eateries in Kensington
  • Places to eat in Kensington

It’s important to analyze each keyword to check the average search volume, level of competition, and other metrics. A keyword research tool comes in handy for that purpose. Also, make sure you’re targeting keywords with the right search intent.

While you’re at it, create a Google My Business page, and complete your profile with an accurate business description and other details.

3. Collaborate With Other London Businesses

Partnering with other established businesses in London will go a long way to amplify your reach. It’s particularly useful when you’re launching a new menu or targeting a new demographic. The key is to identify businesses that are related to your niche without being direct competitors.

For instance, if you own a cafe, you can collaborate with a local home bakery to tap their existing clientele. Outline a social media marketing strategy to cross-promote each other’s brands.

Also, you can partner with them to host a giveaway. Make sure you offer an irresistible reward that’ll compel consumers to participate in the contest.

4. Leverage Online Reviews

Reviews are an effective tool for reinforcing your restaurant’s credibility and reputation. Offer a free meal or gift vouchers to entice existing customers to review your website on directories, such as Yelp. Also, you can ask them to write a review on Google, and recommend your business on Facebook. 

The world of restaurant marketing in London is gravitating towards a digital-first approach. Restaurant owners must be swift in embracing various digital marketing techniques to turn their business into a brand.