Do I Need Custom Software? - Things to Consider to Make a Right Decision

Do I Need Custom Software? – Things to Consider to Make a Right Decision

This question worries every business owner facing software problems. Indeed, when the choice stands between a cheap and instant off-shelf product and a long-term and expensive order from the IT services providers, there is something to consider. 

Here, we’ll discuss the reasons to (or not to) invest in custom software development with the assistance of experts from JoinSoft, one of the IT development services famous for dozens of successful backend solutions.

Visible Disadvantages of Custom Software

First of all, each software has limited functionality. You just cannot find a solution to cover all your problems. In the best case, the development of such software will make a huge hole in company funds. It means that you have to buy several off-shelf products or make several orders to IT development services, and the first variant is much cheaper.

Secondly, you have to wait. Even a professional company like JoinSoft, where even medium specialists work fast and know a lot, asks for weeks and months to complete an order. If the executive manager wants a solution right here and now, the off-shelf software is the only way out.

Finally, even a single project can have an enormous price. It is a matter of your perception, though. The first tip JoinSoft specialists give their future clients is to consider the price, not an expenditure but investment. Indeed, the long-term perspectives of custom software look brighter than off-shelf software has.

Potential Advantages of Custom Software

If they did not exist, full-stack development services could never develop as well. Here are some important (and, maybe, typical) reasons to discuss custom software:

  • Such a program or service is developed only for your company. In case you set proper goals for software and integrate it into your marketing or company management strategies, it will become a serious advantage in competition. This advantage means more customers. More customers mean the sale ratios increase, which means fast payback and profitable balance in the future.
  • An IT development company will not leave you after giving you your software. It will ensure the web design, testing, upgrades, and tutoring of your employees.
  • As a rule, the custom software is made with the look into the future. In case of the rapid growth of your company, it will be easier to share the custom software to new departments, while many off-shelf products are designed for a limited workload.
  • The support of custom software is way more comfortable. You can send the exact requests and get quick and effective help. As for the off-shelf software, you’ll be knocking into website support for a long without a chance to get something valid.
  • Finally, the custom software is designed for you. It considers your special needs, tasks, desires, fears, etc. In contrast, off-shelf software is designed to be sold only, without paying attention to single customers.

That is why the choice is so important. 


As you can see from our description, both variants have a right to exist. If you do not have big goals or tasks, short in time, or in the budget, the off-shelf product is your choice. Custom software has significant expenses to be presumed, but the long-term outcome is better for complex tasks.