Content Writing Basics for New Businesses

Content Writing Basics for New Businesses

Content writing is now an integral part of the marketing activities of any online firm, regardless of its size. Professionally written and engaging content is a key driver to attracting new and returning customers. If you are a new business, the initial forays into content writing can seem a little daunting, but with these basic tips you can ensure that the tone and quality of your content is both interesting to read and of benefit to your overarching marketing strategy.

Ensure your content is relevant to your customers

When you are writing content for your business it must be of interest to your target market. For example if you are an online shop selling computer and gaming equipment, a well-researched and insightful review of the latest 1080p gaming PCs will fit well with your target market, who will be engaged with the product. It pays to review products that are on sale in your shop so that you can link the review to your shop’s product page of that item. You will have then potentially gained the interest of the customer in the product and signposted them to where they can buy it from you. If your content is not directly product related it should still be of relevance to your target market’s needs. 

Evaluate your key competitors’ content strategy

All new businesses should know their key competitors, regardless of their size. Your key competitors will be marketing to similar customer bases, so if they are more established in the marketplace, take a good look around their website, paying attention to the format, styles, and subject matter of their content. It is likely that their market research will be similar to your own. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer to their site and note what you like and dislike about the content. Are there any ways you could improve on some of their pages, and can you take valuable tips from what you think is done well? For more information on evaluating you competitors content, see here

Proofread your content thoroughly

Written content that has been thoroughly edited and corrected gives a professional image for all the content you produce. Conversely, content that is full of bad grammar or has spelling mistakes in it gives an amateurish image of the website itself and may irritate the reader rather than inspire them. Your business website needs to look professional, and well-written content that is insightful and has been thoroughly researched ensures that this is the case. Before publishing any new content for your business ensure that it has been proofread – not just run through a basic spell checker. You will catch most errors through your computer’s word-processing software, but nothing beats the added reassurance of also thoroughly proofreading the content to ensure that nothing has slipped past the spelling and grammar checkers. 

To Sum Up

Beautifully written and insightful content for your new business can be an integral part of your marketing strategy. When the content is written with your target audience in mind it can help to generate sales – as well as interest in your business and repeat visits to your site.