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Blogger Outreach Services For Businesses & Smaller Firms

It is important to find out for any brand, business, or company to find out who you are in the marketplace and at present Google is the new marketplace where people generally search for what they are looking for. Search Engine Optimization is also a part of it that continuously decides your fate because how credible your work is for your business website. When you are trying to build brand credibility, it is a healthy following that could generate a healthy business that constantly generates ROI, you have to be very careful while building links.

Taking the help of an SEO India could be useful as they are experienced in finding websites that have better brand authority over others as such websites appear on the top of SERPs. Therefore the best strategy to build an excellent brand authority is through building links. In a nutshell, you need to get other websites to link to your website which requires pitching and several other tasks. Therefore a professional SEO agency can only help you attain your business goals through blogger outreach services. Make sure you choose a white-hat agency that doesn’t do illegal stuff and has proven techniques and experience in link building.

Types of blogger outreach

The type of blogger outreach you should do will depend on your business. There are some wonderful options to choose from:

Sponsored Posts: Sponsored posts are the ones for which you pay a blogger to write and publish, with mentions and links to your brand. The amount you have to spend to pay for a sponsored post completely depends on how popular the blogger is and how much influence does it have in the market. Moreover, the price you have to pay also depends on the type of post you request. Be sure to agree on terms beforehand, making it clear what you are expecting from the post. The advertising authority also mentions that a blogger should always declare when they have received money for a post as there is a disclaimer at the end of sponsored posts mentioning the same.

Product Reviews: Another way through which businesses outreach bloggers is by sending their products out to bloggers and ask them to write a review in return which could be in any form such as video, blog posts, or photos on social media. Everyone loves free stuff and even bloggers are bound to have a smile on their face even if they haven’t tried your product.  They would love to write a review as you like. If they use your product and love it, then you don’t have to worry as they will definitely tell the world about it.

Product Features: A product feature is just like a product review. However, instead of a formal review, your product will be highlighted in a post on a comprehensive topic. For example, if you request a travel blogger to help you with a review or product featuring, they might describe your sunglasses or backpack in their trip and how your products helped them have a wonderful trip.

Giveaways: Sending giveaways is super-effective for both bloggers and brands. The idea of giveaways is that a blogger or an influencer hosts a competition for which your brand will be sending prizes to give to the content winners. They might organize such contests on YouTube, their blog, or on another social media platform. Whichever platform they choose to do it, you can bet people will enter and give your brand some priceless exposure.

How Does A Blogger Outreach Agency Work?

Step 1: Find Prospects – The prospects are the potential bloggers with whom you have to make a deal.

Step 2: Get In Touch With Prospects The object of an SEO agency is to get the best deal out of the prospects. Here are some must-dos:

  • Negotiation: Getting the best amount out of prospects for the finest results.
  • Provide links: Prove that you are a legit business person who is looking for results.
  • Qualification: Make sure if they are really the right blogger.

Step Number 3: Content Strategy Development – It depends on your market tactic, your niche, and your marketing approach. But, at the end of the day, you are left with a single goal of developing a highly successful content strategy. But there are so many ways to go with this depending on your objective. For example:

  • If your goal is SEO: then you have to be there by creating content with links back to your website. This technique will help you rank and appear like a credible brand in front of Google.
  • If your goal is brand awareness: then a product/service/brand review will be written and posted on the blogger’s website. This will help people get to know about you, consider you for purchase, and generate more sales.
  • If you want both: SEO and brand awareness go hand in hand. If you have both, you will get sales (from branding) and traffic (from SEO).

Step Number 4: Tracking Results: This is the most important step as finding out what is working and what isn’t is what you deserve to know as a client. This is also important to get an idea of how legit the agency you’ve worked with is.

Best agencies will always be transparent with the results that they have obtained through outreach and explain to you the current situation of your website. They will also explain their net approach and the results they are expecting from that.