Best SEO Tools for Auditing & Monitoring Your Website in 2020


SEO is one of the most important digital marketing strategies to boost your website traffic. If you want to promote your products and services online, you need to rank on search engines for specific keywords. For this, you have to build effective digital marketing strategies. You need to perform some tasks like keyword search analysis, website audit, competitive research analysis, and website monitoring, but the most important thing you can do is track your progress using a Google rank tracking tool, such as SEOlium. There are several tools available in the market: some are free, some will charge for auditing and monitoring your website. These tools will help you to perform these tasks smoothly and effectively. So here in this blog, I have covered the best SEO tools for auditing and monitoring your website in 2020.

Google search console

Google search console is one of the best SEO tools provided by Google itself. To understand the Google perspective of your website, the search console will help you. It also helps to fix issues related to website indexing and site map. It provides detailed information about site search traffic like how many people visiting your site, how they find your site, traffic medium mobile or desktop, most popular pages, page rank on specific keywords and many more. Website owners cannot ignore google search console because it is the backbone of your SEO. 


  • Submit Sitemap: You can submit a sitemap of your website through the search console that helps in crawling.
  • Most popular page: It helps you to identify which of your web pages performing better on the search engine.
  • Mobile usability: This tool can perform a mobile usability test to known web pages are mobile-friendly or not.
  • Identify Website issues: It helps you to resolve the website issues related to indexing.


  • It helps to know queries and keywords you are ranking on.
  • Shows which websites are linking to you.
  • Shows your internal links and broken links if present.
  • Helps in fInding index errors.


  • Search Console provides a list of HTML errors but sometimes this feature is not up to date, it shows an error that previously fixed.


Ahrefs is one of my favourite SEO tools for website auditing and monitoring. It is the second-fastest web crawler and has the best user interface among all. Mainly it is used for backlink audits, keyword research, competitive analysis, and URL rankings. This tool crawl lots of data that is used by the user for link building, content marketing, SEO strategies, and keyword research. I especially love their site explorer feature, which allows you to analyze competitor websites and helps you to build further strategies.

You can start with 7 days trial for $7. After that, you can update to paid subscription plans.


  • Site Explorer: It is used for competitor backlink analysis as well as for search traffic analysis.
  • Keyword Explorer: This feature gives you a thousand of keywords ideas with search volume and keyword difficulty score.
  • Content Explorer: you can search for any keyword and phrase and get relevant pages with their SEO metrics.
  • Rank Tracker: you can track your rank and get daily keyword updates


  • Get a clear backlink analysis report.
  • Used to known URL rating
  • Help to build a content strategy


  • Monthly pricing is high
  • High loading time.


SEMrush is one of the most effective competitor analysis tools. It helps you to evaluate your competitors as well as your website. SEMrush has been used by the number of website owners and entrepreneurs to understand the SEO strategies of their competitors. Due to this, it is one of the most popular tools in the market. The tool provides best practices for SEO, PPC, Keyword research, SERP and many more.

SEMrush offers three different paid plans, $99.95 for Pro plan, $199.95 for Guru plan, and $399.95 for Business plan. You can also customize your plan according to specific needs.


  • Traffic analysis: SEMrush shows the accurate performance and traffic of your website.
  • Organic Research: This feature used to know the top keywords used by the competitor.
  • Advertising Research: this feature helps you to run a better ad campaign.


  • It helps to build effective strategies.
  • It helps to perform keyword research to rank content.
  • Used for technical SEO audits.
  • It helps to run the CPC campaign.


  • A little bit complicated for new users.
  • You have to pay more for advanced features.


Moz is one of the best SEO tools in the market. Entrepreneur or website owners mainly used MOZ tools for Site auditing, Rank Tracking, Backlink analysis, and keywords research to improve their website ranking on search engines. Moz helps them to suggest various page optimization strategies. You can also use the Moz bar browser extension that allows page analysis, Moz score, and page optimization.

You can start with 30 days of a free trial, after that it offers 4 different plans starting from $99 per month.


  • Site Audit: This feature used to find any errors on your website.
  • Keyword analysis: This helps you to find new keywords.
  • Rank tracking: Used to improve website rank.


  • Helps to improve website rank and boost traffic.
  • It helps to build link building strategies.
  • Used for on-page optimization.


  • Keywords limits per campaign.
  • The platform is not very easy to use.

Netpeak Spider 

Netpeak Spider is one of the most effective SEO auditing tools, mainly focus on in-depth analysis and website scraping. Mostly it’s used for Site auditing, evaluating competitors, scraping websites’ data, and website analysis to improve websites ranking on search engines. This tool crawls massive amounts of data that is used by the users for SEO strategies, link building, and content marketing. Spider helps with analyzing competitor websites for building further strategies.

Netpeak Spider has a free version with basic features that are enough if your aim is to keep in website health. But if you want to get access to PRO features, this tool offers three different paid plans, $19 for Standard plan, $39 for PRO plan, and $99 for Premium plan.


  • Identify Website issues: the tool checks over 100+ issues of website optimization and  70+ key on-page SEO parameters that harm ranking
  • Site scraping: this feature is used for web data extraction (it’s possible to use up to 100 conditions and four types of search)
  • Sitemap generator: you can create sitemaps (even image ones) using built-in HTML, TXT, and XML sitemap generator.
  • Competitive analysis: you can analyze competitors’ SEO and content strategies.
  • Content optimization: this tool provides data about content errors that help you to optimize website content.


  • Used for technical SEO audits.
  • Shows your internal links and broken links if present.
  • Helps to improve website rank and boost traffic.
  • Used for on-page optimization.
  • Shows which websites are linking to you.


  • This tool for the Windows platform only.
  • You have to pay more for advanced features.


Ubersuggest is a free SEO auditing tool, mainly focus on generating new keyword ideas. This tool is created by entrepreneur Neil Patel and holds a good reputation in the market. It helps you to find new keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy. It generates several suggestions for free and makes your content more engaging that increases your website’s chances of ranking on search engines. 


  • Keyword Suggestion: Targeted keywords suggestion for your desired audience.
  • Competitive analysis: the main feature is to analyze competitor strategy.
  • Content optimization: This tool provides a targeted keyword that helps you to optimize website content.


  • Mainly focused on identifying the keywords that help to improve ranking.
  • It uses location-based data that is very easy for SEO purposes.
  • Data are shown in the form of charts and graphs.


  • It is difficult to find results related to specific niche markets.
  • Ubersuggest has no dedicated mobile app.


Using these tools will always help you to improve the website ranking on search engines and boost organic traffic. You can also use them for content optimization and competitor analysis. Selecting an excellent SEO tool depends upon your business requirements. You can start with a free trial to test the tool before making your final decision.


Author Bio- 

Piyush Jain is the founder and CEO of Simpalm. Piyush founded Simpalm in 2009 and has grown it to be a leading mobile and web development company in the DMV area. With a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins and a strong background in technology and entrepreneurship, he understands how to solve problems using technology. Under his leadership, Simpalm has delivered 200+ mobile apps and web solutions to clients in startups, enterprises and the federal sector.

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