Mobile App Development Process

Best 8 Tips to Improve Your App Development Process

Mobile applications have become a necessity for every business. An app can be very beneficial for your business right from taking your business online to streamlining the data collection! Thus, if you want your business to compete, grow, and become successful, you need to start planning the development today. This blog mentions the top 8 tips for excellent mobile application development. 

Did you know that there are about 3.55 million apps on Google Play Store and 1.6 million apps on Apple App Store? Well, look at this chart from that shows which is the leading app store as of quarter 3 of 2022: 

Before we jump to the tips, let’s understand what the app development process is and what it includes! 

What Do You Mean by App Development Process? 

It is the process of building a mobile application that works on smartphones and other wearable devices. 

The entire process is divided into different phases such as analyzing the requirements, wireframing, coding, testing, and so on. A team of professionals works on these different phases to develop a fully-fledged application. 

Here are the different phases of the mobile app development process. Have a look: 

Requirement analysis 

The mobile app development process begins with analyzing the requirements first! With this, you are laying the foundation of your application and defining how you actually see your final app. 

Simply put, this mobile application development phase is where you set expectations for your ‘soon-to-launch’ app and create the strategy to move ahead. 


At this phase, your app gets a solid structure. A well-designed interface will ensure that your application can be used by all! 

Thus, during this phase, ensure that your app’s theme matches the latest trends in the market, is optimized, and is user-friendly! 

App development 

After the design is made, it is time, to begin with, the app development! Using the three main components – server technology, AP, and the front end, the application is developed.

This is the phase where you will give life to your mobile application! 


Testing the application after development is what the QA team does! They test and verify every single point to ensure that the app meets the standards of stores and servers. 

Moreover, it is they who are capable of finding flaws in the application and pushing it back to the development team to resolve them! 

App submission 

This is the last phase of mobile application development. 

After going through all the testing and rectification, it is time to launch the final version of the app on app stores and servers. 

Now, after submitting the app to stores and servers, they undergo final approval after which they are available for download. 

As you have already seen in the above chart, the most sought-after app store is Google Play Store. However, if you want to ensure that business reaches everyone everywhere, ensure that you launch your app on Apple App Store as well! 

8 Tips to Improve Your Mobile App Development Process 

Here are some life-saving tips for you that can actually improve the business and ensure that your mobile app is launched smoothly! 

  1. Try to understand your business needs thoroughly 

Begin with understanding your business needs. Once you gain clarity on this, you will be able to build a mobile application that can help you easily accomplish all your goals. 

To start thinking about what your needs are, answer these questions: 

  • Why are you undertaking mobile application development? What do you wish to achieve? 
  • Who is your target customer? 
  • What difference can you make in the existing system with your app? 
  1. Choose the ‘smart’ app development process 

Today, the app development process has improvised so much that entrepreneurs don’t even have to wait years to get their app ready. 

Let’s call this the ‘smart’ app development process where entrepreneurs approach white-labeling firms and get a ready-made app. These experts will then use this base app to create an app that is solely studded with the entrepreneur’s brand name & logo, color theme, etc. 

Well, no to only this app development process is quick but also a big-time money saver! 

  1. Don’t forget to sign the NDA 

Signing the Non-disclosure Agreement is very important when you approach a mobile application development company. 

This is an agreement where the development company commits to safeguard your identity. This is important so that no one ever comes to know that you’ve purchased a pre-built solution from them. 

Start the development process only after the NDA is signed! 

  1. Design the app for humans! 

One cannot emphasize enough how important it is to design a mobile application to enhance the user’s experience. If you want your mobile app to become successful, then ensure that you design it for humans only. 

  • Navigation is easy 
  • It has a clear call to action 
  • Fast loading speed
  • Quick response time 
  • Smooth feedback mechanism 
  1. In-depth testing will be a savior 

Quality Testing is something that you should seriously focus on after developing the application. This is to ensure that your app is successful under all conditions. 

Therefore, test your app on multiple devices, all Operating Systems, and so on! 

The testing phase of the mobile application development process ensures that you rectify everything that may cause inconvenience to users or frustrate them. 

  1. Build a buzz about your app before it’s launched 

Creating a buzz about your app even before it is launched in the market will help you get more customers right on day 1. How? Well, people love to check out what’s all the hype about. 

Now, as soon as the customers download your app and use it, they will instantly fall in love with it. Simply put, creating a little buzz around your platform is just a marketing trick to capture a bigger audience, especially, the early adopters. 

  1. Consider Store Optimization 

App Store Optimization is similar to SEO, but especially from landing pages on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc. 

Store Optimization will help you elevate your app’s visibility and give it better exposure among the other millions of apps. In addition, you will be able to acquire relevant users, increase the app revenue, and get returns on your mobile application development process. 

  1. Get your user’s feedback 

Feedback is the most important thing for any app. Once you have launched your app on stores and servers, start collecting users’ feedback on it. 

Remember it is not a one-time thing to do, the feedback system is a continuous process. And, you must put effort into it if you really desire to launch a successful app. 

In Conclusion: 

Now that you know what a mobile app development process is and how you can improve it, why not start with building your app? 

Now, before you kick off anything on your own, get professional help! These professionals will help you throughout the mobile application development process and ensure that you launch a successful app!