Beginner’s guide to YouTube video marketing techniques

Are you looking forward to promoting your business on YouTube? Or do you wish to start your own YouTube channel? Well, you can definitely do so. However, you need to promote or market your videos in the right way in order to gain maximum YouTube views. YouTube is a platform that is accessed by millions every day. Not only does it contain a whole lot of entertainment videos, but it also has many other videos that may be useful to us in our daily life. Example-a person running a fitness academy may choose to post some very good exercise videos that help in reducing belly fat. Or, a well-known chef in a reputed hotel may like to post videos of some of his best recipes. Following the right strategies of YouTube marketing will definitely ensure that your channel is highly successful. It is said that YouTube ranks second in the list of search engines right next after Google. Moreover, videos are considered to be more powerful that written content. With videos, the viewers get a feel like you are directly interacting with them. Consider this example-you post a recipe for a particular dish and at the same time you upload a complete video of the same recipe on YouTube. Which one do you think will have more views? Of course, the YouTube video. However, in order that your video reaches out to maximum people, you need to apply the right marketing techniques for the same. So, what techniques can you opt for, in order that your YouTube channel attains maximum views? Let us have a look at some of the methods that can be applied so that your YouTube channel is successful. 

The right method of YouTube marketing

Employing the right YouTube marketing techniques will ensure that you achieve great success in promoting your YouTube channel. The following strategies will ensure that your YouTube videos will attain maximum views.

1 Create a YouTube channel: The following techniques describe how you can create a YouTube channel.

  • Create a YouTube account: When you decide to create your YouTube channel, it is highly recommended that you create a YouTube account. In case you look forward to expanding your business through YouTube, it is always recommended not to portray yourself as a single person. This will help in identifying you as an authority easily.
  • Create a lovely channel art: After you create a YouTube account, the next step is to create a lovely channel art. When your channel art is appealing, expect it to get attention from more number of viewers. You may include some bold texts if needed. If you are promoting your business, make sure that you attach a proper logo associated with your brand. Your channel art should be related to your business. Example, if you want to promote videos of food recipes, your channel art should contain images of attractive dishes. It should be such that it is appealing to the target audience. 
  • Add a description: Once you have created a channel art, providing a description of your channel becomes very important. Many people choose to ignore this important aspect, which can be quite useful in improving their channel view numbers. Describing the details of what you are providing in your YouTube video channel always works in the benefit of the viewers. For example, if your channel is all about the latest fashion trends, adding a description of the same would definitely work in favour of the viewers who view the same.

2 Uploading a good quality video: Once your YouTube channel has been created, the next step is to upload a good quality video.

  • Shoot the video depicting all details: The video quality must be of high standards. Each and every detail must be explained properly in the video. For example, if your video is related to power yoga exercises, then make sure that detailed videos of all the relevant exercises are included in the video. Along with the exercise video, the benefits of the same should also be mentioned. Also, including subtitle texts below the video is considered a very good practice. Whenever there is an audio issue, the person viewing the video would still be able to understand it by reading the subtitles. 
  • Include your email address: Again a very good marketing strategy. Adding your email address towards the end of the video will enable the viewers to reach out to you if they have any queries related to what you are promoting. This also gives the users an impression that you are always available to assist them whenever required. 
  • Upload the video: Once the video is ready, upload the same on YouTube by clicking on the respective links provided. You can even choose to edit your videos in future if needed. The video can be published as private and later on can be edited and changed to public.

3 Promoting your YouTube video channel: Once your video has been uploaded, it needs to be promoted appropriately such that it reaches the right target audience. How can you ensure this? Following the below-mentioned actions will help your videos attain maximum views.

  • Use proper keywords: Include SEO friendly keywords in your video titles or descriptions so that your video attracts maximum attention. Whenever you plan to release your video on your YouTube channel, it is always good to keep yourself updated with keywords. You can take the help of Google Ads Keyword Planner, which will aid you in gaining expertise in SEO techniques. The key to a successful YouTube marketing strategy is in applying appropriate SEO techniques. 
  • Include catchy titles:  Add good titles for your videos. When you use SEO-friendly keywords in your title, consider your job half-done as this would attract a lot of traffic. 
  • Use custom thumbnails: YouTube gives you the liberty to add thumbnails of your choice to your videos. When you choose to add a thumbnail, make sure that the quality of the image is good. Adding attractive, good quality images as a part of your thumbnail would provoke the viewers to click on your video.
  • Optimize your video: Ensure that your video is in accordance with all standards that have been set by YouTube. Relevant keywords should be present in your video title and description. Also, do not forget to include appropriate links in your videos along with a CTA (Call to Action). Optimizing your videos by keeping these points in mind will definitely attract quite a lot of viewers.
  • Video quality: This is something that cannot be compromised at all. Check the video audibility and your camera efficiency before uploading it.
  • Update videos regularly: Understand the needs of your target audience and keep updating your videos on a regular basis. This would always make your loyal viewers come back to you again and again.
  • Request for comments: Last but not least, you can request your viewers to leave comments on your videos and give their opinions about the same. This would be appreciated by the viewers as you are considering their suggestions and accordingly updating your content as per their demands.

The above-mentioned points will definitely be useful to anyone who is planning to start a YouTube channel. Good luck folks!!!

Deepak Sharma is the Founder and CEO of – A SEO Company in Delhi for startups. As a serial entrepreneur, Deepak has worked across sectors and countries, and loves using technology to solve branding and customer acquisition problems. He is a published author and mentor to many startups.