Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

AI in Digital Marketing
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A recent survey of more than 1600 marketing professionals found that around 61% of the respondents had the view that artificial intelligence, along with machine learning, is going to be essential tools and data initiatives in the coming years. More than 50% of marketers have started using AI (Artificial Intelligence) since the year 2018 itself, and the trend is only going to increase due to the benefits involved. AI and digital marketing collaborate well with each other. Collecting data and analyzing it for marketing and advertising purposes was never so speedy and accurate as it is now with the use of technologies like AI and machine learning. AI may also yield the crucial insights and forecasts the marketers crave for. Below are some critical applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

Web search

Google uses RankBrain (a machine learning algorithm) for providing the search results in its search engine result pages (SERPs) for more than 70% of the searches now. As we know, there is a shift from keyword search to voice search, as the latter is more convenient for the end-users. RankBrain and other AI algorithms can easily provide the most accurate result to users based on their behaviour and characteristics and hence create a preference for the search engine amongst users. 

Personalizing user experience

The use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing by a leading artificial intelligence development company enhances customer experience manifold. Artificial intelligence can gather and analyze data related to multiple aspects of consumer behaviour and with regards to location and other factors as well. For instance, there are apps now where consumers can try clothes virtually. Also, companies are now writing their websites and putting in content that works well with virtual assistants, including Google Home and Alexa, among others.


The new chatbots that are powered by artificial intelligence are a quite cost-saving customer service representatives for the firms. These next-gen Chatbots can handle multiple queries at a single time and are also available 24/7. The exciting thing is that these chatbots talk in a very humanly manner, and there are times when customers may not be even aware that they are interacting with a computer.

Predicting consumer behaviour

AI not only helps in improving customer relationships and enhancing personalized customer experience but can also predict how customers might react in the future. An AI software and program is good at analyzing data in multiple ways, including statistical and other ways. These programs also yield valuable information and insights to the companies, which help the business organizations upgrade and update their products and services at the right time. The new AI technology can integrate well with the data management platforms and also collect and use data from the third-party or secondary sources. Companies not only identify the right leads and prospects but can also formulate and execute the strategies (including digital marketing strategies) by using the technology.

Creating marketing content

AI has also brought content creation power and capability in digital marketing areas. It is already analyzing the different news and reports along with essential data and can come with coming up with content that can be useful for the media businesses. New software, including Quill and Wordsmith among others, are being used by leading websites, including Forbes, New York Times, and BBC for creating news and to generate a greater number of web visitors. It also saves tons of time and resources for the businesses, as there are ready to use templates available as well. The content created gives the impression that it has been written by a human, and hence it can be said that boundaries between human and artificial intelligence are blurring.

Digital advertising

Some of the leading technology companies, including Google and Facebook, are actively using artificial intelligence and machine learning to search for prospects who are seeking what the business has to offer and are likely to take the action that the advertiser wants. These algorithms study a wide range of consumer characteristics, including demographics, interests, and other factors and characteristics to reach out to the right prospects and audiences. For instance, Adext (Audience Management as a Service) is the new tool that can use machine learning and can handle and optimize advertisements on leading digital platforms, including Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Apart from reaching out to the right customers and prospects, the platform also has the algorithms that help advertisers improve the conversion rate while optimizing their budget. Therefore, in due course of time, the performance of the ads increases, much to the delight of the advertiser.

Predictive analysis and models

The predictive analysis models that are based on machine learning and artificial intelligence can be applied across business segments and activities, including marketing and advertising activities. These algorithms help marketeers in many important areas. For instance, AI can be used to fix the right price, to identify the right prospect, to time the launch, and in other areas. The tools are helping marketers be more proactive, and the marketing campaign based on these predictive model models is bound to be more successful. 

Curating the marketing content

Artificial intelligence can also curate the content so that it suits better to a web visitor, customer, or user. Content curation keeps in mind the interests of the customer and visitors and works on the relevance factor as well. Therefore, businesses can now show relevant and important content to the users that they are actively searching for. This helps firms achieve more popularity, greater sales, and gain repeat customers as well.

Customer communications

AI can study loads of data at a time and can easily find out the best time and days to contact a customer. Machine learning technology is important in learning more about consumer behaviour and communications so that a positive and desirable effect is generated. For instance, the AI machine learning programs can tell what kinds of email should be sent to a user, at what time, and with what frequency. Artificial intelligence is already using software and tools, including Persato and Boomtrain, among others in the email marketing areas.

Web design

AI is helping web developers improve web designs and make them more intuitive and user-friendly. For instance, the Grid application uses artificial intelligence to create a website based on information provided by the users. Websites are also being personalized better through the use of technology. More than 33% of all marketers now are using artificial intelligence technology to provide more customized web experiences. Around 63% of marketers report that the use of technology has resulted in an improvement in conversion rates and in improving the customer journey and experience.

Artificial intelligence is including many new algorithms with time, and will we get even better at analyzing the customer journey in the future. A digital marketing strategy should, therefore, involve the new technology in their marketing plans and strategies to provide a better experience to consumers and to gain insights in the right areas.

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