All The Benefits of Breadcrumb Navigation

All The Benefits of Breadcrumb Navigation

In this post, we will talk about the benefits of breadcrumb navigation.

In this section below, I will be discussing some of the important benefits of breadcrumb navigation.

1. SEO

Breadcrumbs are important for SEO.  A site’s navigation structure tells search engines about how the site functions and works. The site’s business and core goals reveal themselves with a breadcrumb trail. Google recognizes these paths and provides correct information regarding the web pages and puts the same inside SERP results. This is true advice whether you are a small business, a web designer, an attorney, or anyone else.

In addition, the words you use in the breadcrumb trail can feature as the website’s keywords too.

The hyperlinks in the breadcrumb navigation provide search engines with information on the page and the web pages it links out to. Google has also started showing breadcrumbs in its search results and the feature may not be something most sites have executed on their own.

Breadcrumbs show up in Google search for keyword results.

2. Usability

Usability is king when it comes to ranking your sites well. Some people overlook the benefits of breadcrumb navigation. Anyone who wants to surf through the pages of the site to find out information or products will have an easier time with proper breadcrumb navigation.

This enhances page discoverability aiding users in doing their jobs quickly.

3. Increase Time on Site

If a user who comes to your site enters the keyword XAL router then he may be led to a page containing the search result. The user can click on the category search option that branches out to the particular product to see more of the same options. Say the category is wireless and the category page covers 20 different routers. This is simple to do and considerably improves the bounce rate on your site.

The search for the particular router has created a trail that can be found on Google search.

4. Little Space Occupied

Breadcrumb navigation occupies only some space on your website. They don’t cause any extra load issues. This is one of the biggest advantages of breadcrumb navigation and it’s easy to include a website that includes the same.

Best Practices for Breadcrumb Navigation

In this section below, we will understand what you can do to improve your breadcrumb navigation

1. Create a Sitemap

First off picture the different sections on your website on a piece of paper. This helps you visualize the visual navigation of your own site. If your site has reduced-level pages of the site with different classes and substructures you may choose to bypass breadcrumb navigation. 

2. Always a Secondary Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is a flat line with connected elements.

Breadcrumb navigation is the navigation for your website. It’s a flat line of connected elements. A few websites specialize in the fly-out menus and use that for a breadcrumb component. Adhere to the usual best practices of menu design and use that to create your website.

The best advice is to maintain breadcrumb navigation easy and allow easy secondary navigation to allow for all the additional features of a vertical menu.

3. Remove Unnecessary Elements

A few sites include unnecessary components that provide additional breadcrumb navigation. Some users think it’s a clickable link and waste time clicking on the same and end up disappointed once their needs aren’t met.

Each of the components used in a breadcrumb path speaks to connections.

4. Always Above the Fold

This is another best practice. Most websites have their breadcrumb navigation visible and accessible directly below the principal navigation laid out for everyone to see. A number of websites put this into the footer. For best usability, keep the breadcrumb navigation always above the fold.

5. Small Size

The font size of the breadcrumb navigation should ensure sizes compared to the principal navigation. There should be a clear and distinct nature of the difference between the two. The font size should appear exactly like the principal menu.

8. Keyword Consistency

Keywords are an essential part of SEO best practices. And breadcrumbs tend to play a huge role in SEO. Use the same keywords inside your breadcrumb anchors as in those for your existing page names and page-level URLs.