8 Ways Life Science Startups can Take Advantage of Digital Marketing

Surprisingly, there are life science and biotech businesses that are not abreast of digital marketing.

It can be because they think that digital marketing has nothing to do with biotech. But like with any businesses, you cannot garner enough customers if they do not know that your brand exists.

And this is where digital marketing could come in handy.

Just because a life science startup offers a specialized product does not mean they cannot run online ads. That said, we have listed down eight ways life sciences startups can leverage digital marketing:


If you want to boost your life science startup’s revenue, it would be best to develop a digital marketing strategy.

There are approximately 15,671 groups on LinkedIn that’s about ‘medical.’ 

Meaning there are more than 15,000 places where people discuss topics related to the life sciences sector.

That’s why life sciences businesses should be out there for the world to see. Generally, they try to add value to specific discussions and position themselves as an expert in the industry. 

Moreover, do you know there are about e 5,400 searches on Google monthly about r’ pharmaceutical companies?’

But it’s not just in LinkedIn or Google that life sciences companies could tap into online. They can also try blogging and content marketing.

For instance, they can come up with informational videos or infographics to expand their audience reach. Doing so allows them to position their startup as experts in their niche. 

Similarly, they should also invest in search engine optimization (SEO). This is to ensure that all their products and services reach a wider audience. 


By showcasing their expertise, biotech companies will better communicate their unique value proposition. It doesn’t matter whether they’re talking to a local or international audience.

Going on huge initiatives is one, but that isn’t the only way to position themselves as experts in their field. 

Most companies are now taking advantage of tools like Twitter. Brand affiliations can showcase your position in the life sciences niche. 

By sharing valuable advice on Twitter, life science businesses can improve their visibility. It will also showcase their knowledge to their online audience.

In addition, digital marketing gives them an insight into what matters most to their audience. According to Michelle Dipp, a Life Science expert, posting updates and stories online allow startups to improve their understanding of the end-users.

Social Media

Social media is another excellent tool in the life science sector as long as it is used properly.

While it’s essential to post relevant content, posting too much can easily overwhelm your followers. 

It’s an excellent way to reach businesses or people interested in what you have to offer in digital marketing. Here you can share and then repost other users’ content you might want your audience or follower base to see. 

Getting started with social media can be quite overwhelming at first. 

That’s why you must set goals and come up with a plan. Let’s say you want to increase your traffic across social media platforms. To accomplish this, you need to publish relevant, educational, and high-quality content. 

You should also post consistently. That way and you’re always showing up in your customers’ feed. 

You might want to start drafting a plan and content calendar. These are excellent ways to start planning those social media posts and setting the times when they’ll be published.

Doing so allows you to be efficient in implementing various digital marketing tactics.


Pay-per-clicks not only boost the traffic of your site and enhances your sales. It’s a great way to get your business out there across several platforms like social media search engines. 

These ads are usually targeted to cater to a specific audience, guaranteeing results.

In the same way, PPC allows you to find where your audience is located. Using PPC and analytics also enable you to know who are the ones clicking on your ads. 

It’s also a good idea to use PPC and SEO together to boost your rankings on search engines. Using these two hand in hand allows people and organizations to search for your service.

PPC is an excellent tool as far as life sciences are involved as it allows you to market to your target audience. You may also look at some of the keywords that other companies might have overlooked and not obvious. 

These keywords will usually be your defining factor, setting you apart from the rest of the pack. 

Web Content Optimization

Think of your website as the centerpiece of all your efforts in digital marketing. It should also be representing your company and values. 

It should also be updated with content regularly to drive traffic from customers and prospects.

Intuitive navigation, advanced search capabilities, and content designed to support the buyer’s journey should be carefully integrated into your site design.

Having a mobile-friendly site is also essential because most searches these days are done via mobile or tablet and not on desktop. 

Inbound and Content Marketing

How people seek out information has now taken a shift over the last decade or so. 

They instead check out social media, discussion pages, or whatever comes up first on Google.

Email Marketing

This is perhaps one of the oldest digital marketing methods as far as life sciences are concerned. 

It’s a great way to promote a particular product or service and build relationships with prospects in the life science sector. 

Just note that before sending out emails to anyone, you should ask their consent first.

Online Communities

Online communities and networks are a perfect setting for building relationships. It also enables life science startups to build brand awareness among their peers and prospects. 

So, tap into social media platforms, forums, and other types of online communities. That’s because these online channels offer opportunities for biotech companies to reach out to their audience. 

If you run a life science startup, we hope that this post can convince you of the importance of digital marketing. Moreover, we hope that you will be able to apply online marketing tactics for your biotech company.