8 Best Social Media Analytics Tools for the eCommerce Industry

8 Best Social Media Analytics Tools for the eCommerce Industry

The eCommerce industry has been growing since it started operations with the rise of the internet. The revenue is estimated to cross $600 billion by 2024. E-commerce sales expanded by 16.8% in 2021 compared to the previous year. eCommerce accounted for 20% of all retail sales worldwide. 

Seeing the year-on-year growth of eCommerce sales and the rising popularity of the industry, many retailers have opted for a hybrid model. Amongst them also switched to the eCommerce sector entirely from their brick-and-mortar shops. 

Embracing eCommerce is something that most businesses are doing. However, for today’s brand, it is essential to learn that simply developing a website is not enough to make a mark in the ever-growing sector. It is also crucial to reap the benefits of the growing digital marketing industry and absorb its changing trends. 

Forming a digital marketing team who would use the social media platforms well, fuelled by the cutting-edge social media analytics tools, is a must for eCommerce companies and startups looking to foray into the same industry. 

Learning about the hidden strategies that would help your website rank well on the search engines is essential. Along with that, one should also grasp all the insights from multiple social media handles of the company, assimilate the learning, and put them perfectly into use. These things will certainly help an eCommerce company make its place. However, it requires rock-solid digital marketing plans with a social media cheatsheet, which include foolproof social media marketing and social media optimization strategies, to grow. 

Social media platforms have made it easier to communicate with the customers, along with attracting new customers, retaining old customers, engaging them, and marketing the products and services effortlessly. However, if you plan to execute all these well, just as you have planned, then you would certainly need proper social media analytics tools which can track feedback button

If you look up online, you get to find numerous tools that can help you to track the metrics. However, before we proceed to list the most beneficial tools, you must have a clear understanding of social media analytics. So, here’s a look into it.

What is Social Media Analytics?

We all know that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, etc., have empowered entrepreneurs in many ways. However, to fully harness the dynamic nature of social media and use it for business purposes, you must continuously revamp and improve your plans. It is feasible Only if you have access to the appropriate social media analytics tools.

Today’s businesses, including those in the eCommerce sector and those from other industries, find these tools to be of significant value. The analytics tools are usually used by a marketing or communication team of a company to step into the client’s shoes and learn their habits, tendencies, and more, helping them curate solutions and drive engagement and sales. The holistic approach positively impacts the brand’s reputation by boosting customer satisfaction and credibility. 

Benefits of using Social Media Analytics Tools

Social media analytics tools have made the data acquiring process simple, fast, convenient, and automated. Here’s a look at some of the noticeable benefits of using the social media analytics tools:

  • Help analyze customer behavior better
  • Maintains a steady communication
  • Help plan better and workable strategies
  • Generates better and more promising leads
  • Improves customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Predicts the longevity of customers and products
  • Help make effective campaigns
  • Bridges the gap between client and customers
  • Produces better and more refined content
  • Multiplies sales

How can you use social media analytics tools to grow your eCommerce business?

Social media analytics help us understand the sales rate and customer experience and predict customer longevity. If you are looking to use social media analytics tools for your e-commerce business, then here are some tips that you can follow to stay ahead of your peers and rivals:

  • Opt for affordable social media analytics tools
  • Choose easy and scalable tools
  • Get a complete hold of the tools 
  • Hire professionals to work on it
  • Never go for free plans
  • Combine tools to get better results
  • Monitor the analytical data thoroughly and work on them effectively
  • Maintain absolute security

Top 8 social media analytics tools to scale your eCommerce business! 

You must choose social media analytics tools based on your mission, business goals, and objectives. Social media analytics tools can provide you with a massive amount of data. However, not every metric is of importance to you and your business. So, you need to segregate the ones that would help you become an influencer and enhance brand engagement to reap the benefits of eCommerce.

Here we have listed the top 8 applications that you can check out.


If you are looking for a comprehensive analytics tool to check your marketing performance, then Semrush would be the best bet. This tool can optimize marketing campaigns, assist in backlinks suggestions, strengthen keyword research, and determine the technical SEO issues through a website audit.

Along with this, being a power-packed analytical tool, Semrush also helps to track ads and campaigns, optimize CPC, manage social media and online reputation, and much more. Its analytical metrics and e-commerce-specific KPIs make it a seamless solution for increasing organic traffic. This award-winning SEO software suite helps you to evaluate the market and build an impactful strategy to stand out from the rest.

If you are an entrepreneur or have employed a small in-house team, you can get the Pro package at $119.95 per month. Otherwise, try out the 7-day free trial package and decide for yourself.


ZoomSphere is a social media management tool designed for growing agencies, influencers, and marketers looking to scale their workflow and customer management. It offers an all-in-one solution acting as a CRM to enable easier and more efficient workflow. Social media analytics are backed with over 150 metrics across platforms, categorization simplicity, data customization, and communication labeling, are only a few perks that make this software extremely handy to make your decision-making effortless.

This tool also offers internal chat and workflow management, content management, social benchmarking, post scheduling, leads management, making it easily one of the most promising tools to enable your eCommerce business growth. 

You can opt-in for a free plan which is a bit limited, but will give you a test run on abilities it can offer, with paid options offering so much more that enable a truly scalable eCommerce growth.


If you are looking for real-time brand monitoring, Keyhole is the perfect social media analytics tool to help you fetch historical data. The graphic presentation makes it easy to understand data. You can easily track hashtags, keywords, and social media accounts. The dashboard provides you with a comprehensive report about the company’s progress. 

The tool aims to help you with the product campaign, which would positively affect the ROI. The reports are easy to read, shareable, and automated. Thus, you get to save an ample amount of time. Its top features include social media mention, keyword tracking, social listening, social media analytics API, and more. 

The basic plan starts at $44 per month and gives you the scope to improve and measure brand integrity daily.


This application provides the most valuable insight, and the metrics are quite easy to understand. You can access data about subscriber development, overall click-through rate, reach, lead generation, conversion, consistency, and more. 

This tool provides automated reports from all the social media platforms connected with the brand. You get to measure the success of the competitors and monitor hashtag trends. It also gives you the leverage to compare sponsored Instagram posts and categorize the data to make it ready to use. The arrangement is quite simple, and even with basic knowledge, you can easily go through the analysis. Brands like Sephora have been using this tool for a while now.

It comerel=”noreferrer noopener”s with a 14-day free trial, and the paid version starts at $49 per month for the Pro version. If you have to operate over 10 social media platforms, then Iconosquare provides you with a customized plan to gain the benefits of e-Commerce sites.


This tool provides a complete report of the different social media platforms by analyzing your content and posts. Hootsuite helps to predict the impact of brand and ROI. You can choose metrics based on the social channel or an amalgamated overview of the campaigns, customer retention, and lead generation. The tool provides real-time data, making it easier to make last-minute changes for a high-end result. 

You get the feature to compare content over the past few months and templates to create reports and interact on social media platforms. Based on the team size, you must opt for the plan. 

You can go for the free plan, but it grants limited access. Otherwise, switch to $49 per month professional plans to boost your posts.


If you are looking for a tool that can monitor several platforms at a time and help you understand the performance of campaigns, then this is a highly recommendable tool. The Ad-hoc graphical presentation is quite interesting. You can easily decipher it to modify the strategies and pull the benefits of an eCommerce business in the right direction. 

You get real-time data to calculate the brand’s achievements, failures, dropouts, and progress. Furthermore, you can integrate over 40 social media platforms and customize data into reports through a public API interface.

The application provides free access to its features for 7 days. The pro version starts at $119 per month.


If you want to track online conversion, opt for a tool to help you with social listening. Brand24 is the most potent tool that notifies you whenever your brand is mentioned. You get to access the data that would help determine the product’s quality, customer engagement, advertisements, and brand referrals. 

Thus, you get the chance to focus on the weak points and mend them. You can study the charts and determine the possibilities to reach the target audience and retain them. The tool also helps you notify during crises through its customizable alert system.

The tool is available for a 14-day free trial. The starting pack ranges from $$9, which helps manage sensitive discussions and influence scores.


If you have just started your business, then Sendible is an ideal tool for predicting the progress of small businesses. Furthermore, if you want to track the references of your company, then this comes with an amazing keyword tracking tool. So, every time the brand gets mentioned or referred to, you will be notified. 

This tool helps to build business-customer relationships. You get to monitor how a customer interacts with your brand, buying nature, and competition level. Sendible also helps to create an organized Instagram post. Thus, you can turn your business into an auto-pilot without requiring manual effort. It is all about working smart rather than working hard. 

You get a 14-day free trial, and the paid version varies based on the necessity. The creator pack starts at $25 per month. 

Measure Studio

If you want quick and better strategies, go for Measure Studio. This tool would help you access all your social media profiles from one location and is also time-saving. You get personalized reports, and even a layman can understand the metrics clearly. 

Thus, you can save on the cost of hiring a data analyst. The tool helps grab the customers’ attention and, based on the report, can work on customer retention policies. The tool sends you the content production report within 72 hours of publishing it, making it easier for you to review and change the strategies without wasting time. You can also align campaigns with the content as the tool proves to be a social media and customer development partner. 

Measure Studio comes for a 14-day free trial, and you get customized paid plans on request.                              


Every tool has tons of features, and you must make a choice based on your requirement. If you aim to monitor the social media channels and design a plan to drive organic leads and generate profitable revenues for your e-commerce business, then the social media analytics tools will have you covered. 

While choosing an application, don’t fail to look for competitive analysis, follower analysis, attribution, content engagement metrics, customizable report generation, quickly accessible dashboard, and real-time monitoring to have a better outcome. So, what are you looking for? Get a convenient social media analytics tool and kickstart your eCommerce business now!

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