8 Aspects of a Winning Web Design for Your Online Store

If you are thinking of designing your website, then you have arrived at the right place. You need to understand that a website is highly dependent on its web design. It is advisable to design your website carefully since it gives a picture of your business and what customers can expect from your products. Internet users will typically visit your website to get the required information before they decide to check out your store, so failing in any aspect may harm the reputation of your brand.

The term web design does not necessarily mean the visual aspects that you add to your site, but also includes subtle features, such as usability and the overall structure of the site. Web designing plays an important role in the conversion rates of users because even a simple looking website can impress users if it performs well and fits the users need. This is why the task of web designing should be left to professionals who have expertise in different areas. A website which covers the different aspects that users expect from a website leaves a positive image. Some of the aspects that should be considered if you want to develop a successful web design are mentioned below.

1.     Use Visuals to get Attention

Use relatable visual images to get the attention of users. The concept of visual hierarchy is proven to be effective and is one of the tools that you can use for your web design. You should prioritize the different parts of your website according to their importance and you can use this information to your advantage. If your website has 15 items, you can make the important ones more prominent which will help to divert more attention. You can prioritize them according to your business goals. Several websites use these tactics. If you visit some of the fast-food webpages you will usually see their best dishes on their home page.

2.     Typography

Remember that your visuals should only be as good as the information on your site, otherwise the user will only feel cheated and may never enter your website, which can be harmful to your business. The Importance of typography is realized by online webpages since it is an integral part of their SEO activities. The typography that you use should be visually appealing to the user, but you must not overdo it since the users might mistake it for a scam. You can use simple fonts such as Ariel which are readable and simple enough to understand while the font size can be changed according to your needs. You can also use certain proportions such as the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence to give your webpage an artistic look.

3.     Reduce Choices for Users

When visiting a restaurant, you would have noticed that it often gets hard to choose what to order if the menus give us a lot of options. According to Hick’s Law, the required time to make a decision increases with the addition of choices. A user who ends up confused while using your website is not a good sign, which is why it will be better to eliminate distracting options. To create a better web design, you should focus on removing unnecessary options and keep the website simple rather than overcomplicating stuff.

4.     Use Small Icons

You do not need huge icons to attract the audience. There is no need to create icons that consume half of the space on your site. A small icon is more attractive visually and even if you increase the size it does not look bad. Compare the screen of your computer with small icons and large icons and you will realize what I am talking about. Before you decide your web design these are some things you should look at since it affects the usability of your webpage. Generally, the size of the icons should be proportional to the number of uses and make important icons larger if you want to.

5.     Consistency

Being consistent is one of the most important attributes. You should pay special attention to each page to enforce uniformity which will suit your webpage. Important details such as fonts, size of the text, headings and sub-headings should be the same throughout the website to promote consistency. It is important to plan and finalize what standard you want to apply for your website and stick with it throughout. You should also focus on the designs that you use and it would be advisable to stick to a particular pattern.

6.     Color Combination

Effective use of colour is extremely useful for your business since it attracts traffic to your webpage. You need to choose a colour combination which may create a positive environment for your users so that they can form positive reviews about your website. You can utilize complementary colours, such as red-green, yellow-blue and different combinations which will enhance user experience. You may utilize the white space to avoid clutter and mixing too many colours. Remember not to use too many colors otherwise it will create confusion among your users. Generally speaking, 3 or 4 tones are enough for the entire website.

7.     Adaptability

If one wants to stay relevant in the market, they must update themselves with technological changes. With the growing use of gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets your website must be accessible by all sorts of devices if it wants to stay competitive in the market. If your web design does not fit screens of different gadgets, then there are high chances that you may lose out to your competitors. Hence, you need to constantly update yourself to maintain the edge in the market.

8.     Easy Communication

The main reason why users access your website is to receive information about your business. If you can successfully deliver the complete information, then the purpose of your website is fulfilled. You can design your page in such a way that information is readily available for users and the process of navigation is made easy for them. You can use various techniques to establish communication by efficient use of headings, sub-headings and bullet points to divert attention to the major headlines that you want to deliver to your customers.


Every business must build a website, especially nowadays. It is one of the best ways to engage with your target audience and spread awareness about your business. The best option is to hire web developers who can build your website successfully since they are professional at their job. Never underestimate the worth of having a website because it can do wonders for your business!