7 Ways Dentists Can Use Social Media To Drive Business

7 Ways Dentists Can Use Social Media To Drive Business

Global business has seen a rapid shift over the past few years with an increased reliance on digital marketing. It’s no secret—this change is a direct result of the rising use of mobile technology and smartphones. Many companies that previously relied exclusively on physical stores, retail locations, and local print marketing are now thriving because of online opportunities.

One service-based business that stands to gain tremendously from increased activity on social media is a dental practice.

Dental marketing is a combination of digital strategies that result in acquiring more clients for a dental practice. 

Notably, social media marketing for dentists and dental businesses has the potential to increase in-person visits, establish a solid brand, and generate more revenue. 

The great thing about social media is that you can share different types of content, as long as it is relevant to your brand. This can range from dental hygiene tips, reminders about regular dental care, or even motivational quotes that align with your dental practice’s brand. 

Here are the seven ways dentists can utilize social media to grow their practice and get the most out of their marketing efforts.

  1. Targeting Multiple Social Media Platforms

Today’s customers are scattered throughout social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.Although you may have a preference for a specific platform, it’s important not to overlook other channels that have the potential to positively impact your dental practice. 

Although Facebook is popular for generating new business, other platforms can drive traffic and awareness of dental care and maintenance content. Dental marketing on multiple social media platforms and dental SEO will raise your practice’s credibility.

For example:

  • A Facebook group can be created to keep track of all patients and welcome new ones. 
  • Reels and short videos on Instagram are helpful for sharing insights on important dental hygiene practices.
  • YouTube ads targeting people in your dentist’s office neighborhood are quite effective. 
  • TikTok videos that reinforce your dental practice’s culture and client care mandates.  

Here’s the bottom line–your chances of attracting inbound clients or patients will likely rise over time once you start publishing relevant content regularly on a range of social media networks.

While having a brand presence on several social media platforms improves the brand image, don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s better to have a solid presence on 2 or 3 top platforms than a mediocre presence on 6. 

  1. Using Google Maps Has Become The New Standard 

The Google Maps App has recently replaced Google My Business. Thus, Google Maps–which is the new way to manage a Google My Business Profile–has become essential for all businesses that depend on a physical presence or retail store. You may not immediately think of Google Maps as a social media tool, but it serves as a map, search tool, and social sharing platform that helps users locate the establishments they’re looking for. Since location-related searches account for about one-third of all mobile search queries, Google Maps is a crucial traffic source for dental inquiries.

Utilize dental-related photographs and post them to your Google Maps profile to help build your dental brand. The ability to read reviews right away is the best feature of Google Maps. Encourage your patients to post thoughtful comments or reviews. 

  1.  Utilizing Maps on Social Media Profiles

Similar to Google Maps, social media maps drive traffic to your business (both in-person and online). Maps make it easier for customers to find your dental practice’s address and relevant details, a supported feature on both Instagram and Facebook. It’s convenient to tell clients or viewers to use the map address when navigating to your dental office or clinic.

Social media posts also mention significant places close to your dental practice location. Additionally, hashtags can be an essential ally for maps.

For instance, if your dentist’s office is located on Irving Street in California, you should use the hashtag #IrvingStreet in the caption area and display the actual address on the map.

  1. Explore Reddit, Too

A great social media channel for advertising digitally-sound dental practitioners is Reddit. Reddit users regularly publish relevant information and enable upvote and downvote choices for their posts.

Reddit users have the opportunity to connect with dentists by posing inquiries related to dentistry and obtaining responses. 

First, select a username that conveys your expertise in dentistry. Additionally, you can also provide the location of your dental practice in the username. Reddit pros advise against using the account for other objectives and activities, so avoid being overtly promotional. 

Reddit offers an AMA (As Me Anything) section and community-building solutions. Using smaller Reddit communities(commonly referred to as subreddits), the Reddit community aids members in discussing related topics and expanding the reach of information.

Reddit’s AMA features are excellent for getting your informative, dental-related content in front of a wider audience. You can participate in dentistry-related AMAs, essentially Q&As created to establish expertise on a subject to a group of curious individuals.

  1. Deploy the Power of LinkedIn Connections

One social media site that enables direct contact with prospects and consumers is LinkedIn. Create a compelling dental profile on Linkedin and request that your friends, family, and coworkers contact you regarding dental concerns. 

Many instantly think of LinkedIn as the B2B social media tool, but it has recently shifted to include much more consumer-based content. Building a solid brand image may well be aided by having a dental-related page on LinkedIn. This social media tool can also come in handy regarding business operations, such as hiring staff. 

Leverage your connections on LinkedIn by asking for referrals and showcasing your expertise. You can approach your first connections to find new referrals on Linkedin or actively execute campaigns to find new members. It’s also a smart idea to filter users based on location. 

  1.  Yelp Works Well for Location-Based Business

Yelp offers customers a one-stop localized network where users can find, contact, and reach out to local companies. This platform also has reliable local company information, images, and customer reviews. Setting up meetings and prior appointments is simple with Yelp, which is another plus.

Once you start receiving new clients from Yelp,  increase it by implementing paid advertisements to attract recent reviews and inbound patients.

Dentists and dental clinics can draw in new clients and address their concerns and comments directly on Yelp. Yelp may not be as well-known as Google Maps, but it is still a valuable tool for creating a solid corporate image.

  1.  Sharing Animated Videos on Social Media Platforms

Animated videos are a fresh, trendy way to market your business on social media platforms. To help potential customers learn about dental procedures and illnesses, utilize 2D and 3D animated animations and post them on social media platforms. Animation can immediately capture viewers’ attention, making sense that several dental businesses publish animated videos.

Since dentistry can be complex, simplify concepts using graphics rendition and animation. Both informative and funny animations drive engagement, so remember to use them tactfully. 

Using tools like FlipaClip and Animoto, create your animated videos. If you’re short on time, hire a talented digital artist who can produce stunning animation that sways audiences in your favor.

Final Thoughts

Dentists use social media all around the world. To stay ahead, come up with a plan of action and do some thinking if you want to have a wonderful experience using social media to grow your dental business. You can ask for highly qualified social media marketers if you cannot manage social media platforms on your own. They can also assist you with audience metrics and social media analytics to keep your social media game on point.