7 Content Marketing Tips to Drive a Better Customer Experience

Content marketing is just like playing soccer. Everyone wants to score or get a goal. In this case, the goal of content marketing is to grab customers’ attention and make them loyal to the brand. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to witness a pickpocketing scene in real life, the first thing you’d notice is that it all happens so swiftly, the victim wouldn’t even realise what has happened until much later. This is exactly how content marketing works. Before your customers even realise what’s going on, they’ve already subscribed to your email list.

But how do you use content marketing to improve your customer experience? Maybe it’s not as simple as riding a bike but it comes pretty close. In this article, you’ll find the best content marketing tips for building customer experience.

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How Is Content Marketing Linked to Customer Experience?

Just like many others, you’re probably wondering what content marketing has to do with customer experience. Aren’t they both worlds apart? After all, in most modern day companies, there is an entire department dedicated to content marketing while another department handles customer experience management.

However, it is important to note that these two concepts are as connected as a pair of conjoined twins. Think of customer experience as a bicycle with content marketing as its wheels. As a brand, your interactions with both existing and potential customers is mainly dependent on content. As such, it is advisable that brands take a customer-oriented approach when drafting content marketing strategies. In fact, content marketing statistics show that a large percentage of successful brands attribute their success to a customer-focused content strategy.

By aligning your content marketing strategy with customer experience, you would be able to meet your customers’ needs and make their lives easier.

Content Marketing Tips to Build Customer Experience

In every human conversation, there’s the awkward “small talk” stage.Now that we’ve addressed the link between content marketing and customer experience and gotten past this stage, it’s time to get down to the main issue. How can you use content marketing to drive a better customer experience? Here are some tips you may find useful:

Reward your customers with incentives

No one ever says no to freebies -unless you’re a mermaid and Ursula is offering you a pair of new legs. Customers are more likely to fall in love with your brand when you reward them with freebies for interacting with your brand.

Let’s take a walk through the mind of an average customer. Each time they pick up their phone, they’re slammed in the face with tons of ads urging them to either subscribe to a mailing list or carry out a survey.

With hundreds of brands urging customers to interact with them, why should they choose your brand out of many (probably better) brands? To get them to choose your brand, you should offer your customers an incentive that they would find useful. It could be a discount, free trial or a free ebook.

This way, you would motivate them to build a connection with your brand and of course, listen to what you have to say.

Create useful, engaging content

Let’s imagine you were walking along the road and stumbled upon a candy wrapper. Sure, you found something, but is it useful to you? Absolutely not. On the other hand, if you were to come across a nugget of gold, you’d most likely pick it up and pawn it off. That’s exactly how it feels when customers stumble upon your content.

No one wants to come across useless content. As such, it is important that your customers find your content useful. At the very least, your content should be engaging enough to keep them hooked from the beginning to the very end. This way, you can offer them a better experience.

Build your online presence

If you’ve ever had someone stay uncomfortably close to you constantly, you’d probably not recommend it as a marketing strategy. However, in the content marketing world, it is important to be in your customers’ heads all day long. Now, we don’t mean this literally.

However, you just have to be visible on one channel that your customers visit regularly: the internet. Create a content calendar for all your social media platforms. It would also be best if you interacted with your customers by replying to all comments on posts. When you do this, you’d be providing them with a better customer service experience.

Use content to create an emotional connection

Here’s one fact you should know: your customers have to have an emotional connection with your brand. The emotional factor is as important as cheese is to pizza. This connection is what helps the audience form an image or perception of your brand.

As such, you have to create the right brand voice through content. This way, you can create an emotional connection with your customers and offer them an experience they would never forget.

Focus on the customer

Even though we’ve hinted at this tip before, it has to be restated for emphasis. To give your customers a better experience, you have to use a customer-centric approach when creating a content marketing strategy. Take a few steps back and re-analyse the situation. What do your customers want or need? Are you taking the right steps?

What else can you do to improve their experience? The best way to find out the answers to these questions is check out or ask for testimonials from your customers. In fact,with this strategy, you could even build trust among potential users who have not interacted with your brand before.

Support a cause

Everyone loves givers. No matter what demographic your audience is made up of, you would be making your brand more valuable to them by supporting a cause. It could be a charity or a general good cause.

Occasionally, you could try donating profits made from purchases to a good cause.

Make the content user-friendly

No one loves to fight, but if they do, they’d prefer the fight to be with a villain, not a brand’s content. Whatever content you’re pushing out there has to be user-friendly. If you’re pushing out an instructional video on how to use your product, it has to be one that customers will understand immediately. It shouldn’t leave your customers still asking questions that you supposedly answered in the video. The same goes for how-to articles and guides.

Bottom Line

When it comes to improving customer experience, content marketing plays a huge role. As such, you have to reconcile these two key elements. Luckily, we have outlined a few tips to help you do this.

With these content marketing pieces of advice, you can easily improve your customers’ experience and make them loyal to your brand. Why not try them out today and give your customers the experience they deserve?

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