7 Compelling Reasons to Secure a Digital Marketing Certification

7 Compelling Reasons to Secure a Digital Marketing Certification

Digital marketing influences nearly every facet of today’s businesses – everything from sales to operations to customer service – making it one of the largest areas of CMO marketing spend. New marketing technologies are speeding up the development and delivery of content, all the while creating incredibly relevant and personalized communications. T

he demand for digital marketers is also growing: 59 percent of marketers with hiring influence confirm that digital marketing is the top area of demand for marketing talent.

It comes as little surprise, then, that marketing salaries went up an average of 19 percent from 2016 to 2017.

What’s it all mean? The time for obtaining a digital marketing certification is now.

Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Certification?

It’s true that many digital marketing professionals, including successful ones, don’t necessarily have a digital marketing certification. Until recently, digital marketing was not a part of university curriculum. There were no recognized digital marketing programs or certifications, either. In order to keep pace with developments in digital, marketers have leveraged everything from “help” articles, to digital marketing forums, to investing money to run experiments to figure out what worked when it came to digital promotions. There’s a lot of risk and willpower at play to keep pace without assistance.